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Are winter tyres worth it?

Are winter tyres worth it?

By Swansway Motor Group 25-11-2019


Winter tyres are definitely something to consider during the cold winter months, but are they worth it?

Winter can often prove a tough time for motorists, with conditions set on making it difficult to get anywhere. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare your car, one of which being winter tyres.

During winter months in Germany, Sweden and Austria, it’s actually compulsory have winter tyres fitted to your car. But in Britain, they aren’t mandatory.

So, are they worth getting? Let’s find out…

What is a winter tyre?

The main difference between winter tyres and normal ones is simply tread depth. On standard tyres, it starts at between seven and eight millimetres, whereas winter tyres increase that to between eight and nine. The grooves within the tyre are both wider and deeper as well.

Winter Tyres

What are the benefits of winter tyres?

In wet and icy conditions, winter tyres are able to provide better grip and stop quicker. This, in turn, aids road safety and gives drivers that additional peace of mind when driving in rough weather.

Vauxhall driving in the snow

Are they worth it?

Overall, good winter tyres should set you back circa £60 each, which isn’t too bad. And if the conditions are bad enough to warrant them, then why not get a set? If you think you’d be safer and better off driving with some added grip, then there’s no harm in investing in some tyres that are better suited to the conditions.

Ford driving in the snow

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