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Which is the best City Car? Fiat 500 vs Peugeot 108 vs VW up vs Citroën C1

Which is the best City Car? Fiat 500 vs Peugeot 108 vs VW up vs Citroën C1

By 19-06-2018


Everyone loves a bit of city chic and the supermini has it all! But which is the best? We line up four of the best city cars; the Fiat 500, Peugeot 108, VW Up! and Citroën C1 to find out.

Which is the best City Car? Fiat 500 vs Peugeot 108 vs VW up vs Citroën C1

Which is the best City Car? Fiat 500 vs Peugeot 108 vs VW up vs Citroën C1

We line up four of the best city cars: the VW up!, Fiat 500,
Peugeot 108, and Citroën C1 to find out.

Superminis are without doubt
the supermodels of the car world
- stylish, petite and eye-catching!

From the French Peugeots and Citroëns, to the Italian Fiats and German VWs, these compact city cars play equally on charm and functionality. Each is a statement in itself!

With our busy commuter lifestyles, city car chic is more fashionable than ever - en vogue, on fleek and bang on trend! It’s important to get a work-life balance which often involves getting where you need to be in good time and right on style.

At Swansway Group, we’ve paraded four of the most popular city cars on our critical catwalk to discover which you should be choosing as your go-to fashion accessory.

Step this way to find out
which car is most capable
when it comes to city chic...

Which city car
is the easiest to park?

One of the most important aspects of owning a supermini car is being able to squeeze it into the snuggest of parking spots.

So, let’s see what each of our city cars has to offer in this department:

VW up!

Volkswagen’s up! has an overall length of 3.6m with a track width of 1.64m which means that it’s the largest car of the four but still has a cute turning circle of 9.8m.

VW compensates for the up!’s lack of parking sensors by offering a rear-view camera as an option in the Move up! specification and above.

Fiat 500

With a length of 3.57m and track width of 1.62m, the ​Fiat 500 wears its city chic pretty well, despite being the longest car in our group.

This also means that its turning circle is the largest at 11m. Fiat has opted to forgo the reversing camera in favour of rear parking sensors which are available in all models except Pop and Pop Star.

peugeot 108

The ​Peugeot 108 measures 3.47m in length and 1.61m in track width, and has an impressive turning circle of 9.6m.

With that in mind, it’s the perfect car for the tightest of parking spots despite lacking parking sensors. It does, however boast a dinky, colour reversing camera which is standard on the Allure trim level and above.

citroën c1

Parking sensors are also missing from the ​Citroën C1​, where once again, the rear-view camera comes to the rescue as an option in Feel trim and as standard in Flair models.

Having 3.46m in overall length and 1.61m track width, the C1 is roughly the same size as its Peugeot counterpart, with an identical turning circle of 9.6m.

Our vote goes to the Citroën C1.

It’s the smallest of our city cars (just!) with a handy rear-view camera available in all but the most basic model for practically perfect parking!

Which City Car
is the most stylish?

City chic is all about creating your own style. While they may have similar proportions, we can guarantee that each of our superminis has its own unique look.

Here’s a little taste of their charm:

VW up!

Volkswagen made a major detour from its conservative image with the up! city car. Its overall design is angular and well-defined, in contrast to other cars on our list, but it is as exciting and fashionable as the others.

VW offers a range of colours, ambient lighting and interior patterns, as well as a Beats edition aimed at music lovers. Enjoy it all with the help of a panoramic sunroof which floods the cabin with light.

Fiat 500

When Fiat first produced the Nuova 500 in the mid-50s, a true fashion icon was born. With the modern rendition of the 500, it’s completely rejuvenated the city chic trend.

Having an unmistakable ‘face’ and tons of styling options, including tinted windows, leather trim, convertible roof and two-tone colour choices, the 500 is as charming as ever. It’s the ultimate retro-modern hit!

peugeot 108

Driven by design, the Peugeot 108 is a compact city car with dynamic lines. Optional two-tone paintwork or a selection of fashionable graphics, such as dogtooth or diamonds, allow the driver to stand out from the crowd.

Choose the GT Line and you’ll also benefit from sporty styling, including gloss black features, front and back spoilers and rear exhaust finisher that’ll allow you to make a real statement!

citroën c1

Citroën’s super small C1 has a wide range of daring colours that you can mix and match all over its chic little body. Sunny days can be enjoyed in the Airscape canvas top version, and if you want to bring out your sporty side, there’s the Furio special edition with its own unique set of graphics.

The appearance of a wraparound screen blending into the side window hints at its cheeky personality.

With its Italian heritage, it has to be the​ Fiat 500​.

The colour choices are amazing but it’s that unmistakable profile that gets us every time!

Which city car
is the comfiest?

Gone are the days when we associated small cars with an uncomfortable amount of space. The evolution of the city car means that you can now enjoy spending hours in their charming interiors:

VW up!

Volkswagen offers manual air conditioning as standard in any model higher than the Move up! trim. Additional packs are available to offer driver assistance, such as City Emergency Braking and Cruise and Park.

VW Connect allows you to link your up! to your phone to provide maps, driving advice and even remember where your car is parked!

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 offers air conditioning as an option in the Pop and as standard in the Pop Star and above. From the Lounge trim upwards, you can expect a touchscreen infotainment interface, cruise control and leather trim.

All models benefit from height adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel, with sports seats included in the S trim.

peugeot 108

Peugeot offers its 108 with 7” colour touch screen and manual air conditioning as standard, while convenient options, such as active City Brake and Lane Departure Warning, are offered in higher trim levels.

Open & Go keyless system is another practical feature and is included as standard in Allure, Collection and Roland Garros trim.

citroën c1

The C1 offers air conditioning in Feel trim and above while a 7” DAB Touchscreen is standard in all variants. Fully integrated satellite navigation is an option in Flair which also provides keyless entry and start for the ultimate in get up and go!

All C1s, except Touch, benefit from height adjustable driver’s seat with position memory.

​For us, the ​Volkswagen up! has the edge.

It’s easy to find your ideal driving position and surround yourself with the quality interior that you’d expect from any VW.

Which City car is
the most cost effective to run?

The savvy guy or gal about town is cost conscious and always ensures value for money. While it’s difficult to put a price on your own individuality, it’s vital that you can afford to stay on the road and share your style!

Cost has got to be a consideration:

VW up!

At £10,390, the starting price of the VW up! places it in the middle of our fab four. The 1.0L emits 101 g/km, which nudges it into the £145 initial road tax band, dropping to £140 annually. The best part of the up! is that the lower spec models fall into Group 1 for insurance, however if you pick the GTi, you’ll be paying Group 17 premiums.

Best combined mpg*
1.0 60PS S/S : 68.9

Fiat 500

Starting at at £11,620, the Fiat 500 is the most costly of our four. As for road tax, the 500 1.2L 70PS will cost £145 in the initial year, followed by £140 annually. It falls nicely into Group 5 for insurance, but you can expect some trims to be as high as Group 12.

Best combined mpg*
0.9 TwinAir 85HP : 74.3

peugeot 108

The Peugeot 108 has a starting price of £9,125, identical to its C1 counterpart and with emissions of the 1.0L engine below 100g/km you’ll be looking at £125 of road tax at registration with an annual cost of £140. In the most basic trim, the insurance stands at Group 6, whereas Active trim falls under 6, 7, and 8.

Best combined mpg*
1.0L : 68.9

citroën c1

The most basic Citroën C1 also starts at £9,125, with the 1.0L engine costing £125 in road tax at registration and £140 thereafter. When it comes to insurance, the C1 begins at Group 6 with some models going all the way to Group 13, depending on the trim. The mid-range Feel models typically sit in the 6-8 insurance group range.

Best combined mpg*
VTi 68 : 68.9

​We think that the VW up!​ beats the bunch. .

With mid-range price, Group 1 insurance and excellent mpg, it’s a must have for the cost conscious city car driver.