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Which is the Best 4x4 for me

Which is the Best 4x4 for me


Need an off-road car? Only you can decide which is the best 4x4 for you. Family, practical, compact or 7-seater? We’ll help you decide - book a test drive today!

Which is the Best 4x4 for Me?


Once upon a time, the best 4x4s meant big brutes of cars that could grip to the road, track or field whatever the conditions, but often left their occupants a little shaken. This is no longer the case, with excellent suspensions, adjustable driving modes and superior interior finishes providing a comfortable and luxurious ride for both driver and passengers.

Realising the popularity of the 4x4, most manufacturers have incorporated them into their ranges with a huge selection of 4x4s now available, varying in size, price and capability.

With so much to offer in today’s 4x4 market, you’re probably wondering, which is the best 4x4 for me?

How do I find the Best 4x4 for Me?

First thing’s first: are you going to be using your 4x4 for off-road driving? On the beach, through a building site, in the country or venturing into woodlands, wherever your working life or freetime takes you, if you aren’t heading in this direction, you may want to consider whether you really need 4x4 capability.

Contrary to belief, not all SUVs are 4x4 yet can still offer extra ground clearance and a higher driving position while estates and MPVs can also provide any additional space you might need. Saloons often have all of the luxury that you deserve without having to go down the 4x4 route, quite literally!

If, however, you need additional traction for towing a caravan, horsebox or trailer; are likely to be driving off-road on dirt, sand or gravel; or regularly tackle steep roads or tracks, a 4x4 is for you.

Once you’ve identified that you need a 4x4, the same criteria apply as if you were choosing any car. Priorities are different for everyone and might include:

    • Price Price
    • Costs Economy/running costs
    • Seats Number of seats
    • Boot Size of boot
    • Handling Ease of handling
    • Warranties Warranties

These will help you to narrow down the choice. The most important thing to do when figuring out whether a car is the best 4x4 for you is to try it out by booking a test drive.

How do I know if a Car is 4x4?


All-wheel-drive (AWD), 4-wheel-drive (4WD), 4Motion, quattro, 4Drive are all phrases used by manufacturers to describe their models’ 4x4 capabilities. There are many more!

Some car ranges have 4x4 as standard, such as Range Rover or Audi, others have it incorporated into certain models, while others offer it as an optional extra. If you are faithful to a particular marque, the chances are that they will have a 4x4 option on some, if not all of their range.


All car features, including 4x4, should be noted in the car specification but the easiest way to find out whether a car is 4x4 is to just ask!

What Type of Car is the Best 4x4 for Me?

The huge variety of 4x4s means that you’ll have to take some time in deciding. The decision process doesn’t have to be a chore - take a few days out to see for yourself what the best 4x4s have to offer. Our guides to some of the best 4x4s should give you some food for thought:

The best 4x4s for families: with clever storage, space, power sockets and above all top safety ratings, these family 4x4s will take the stress out of motoring with the brood in tow and make for many happy family adventures.


The best small 4x4s: easy-to-park, great economy, plus all the advantages of 4x4 driving, what’s not to love about a compact 4x4? It’ll certainly help you get to all those places other cars can’t reach whether in city or country.

The best 4x4s with 7 seats: whether loading up the car with kids, providing more capacity for your taxi or being designated driver for the 5-a-side team (plus reserve), you’ll never be alone with 2 extra seats in a 7-seater 4x4.


Most practical 4x4s: it’s not just about the space and the ability to stick to the road - driver assistance features, manoeuvrability, towing capacity and hands-free gadgets can all help when it comes to convenience. These practical 4x4s have it all in bucketloads.

Decisions, decisions!

Time to get your thinking cap on and decide which is the best 4x4 for you. Don’t forget that if you need any advice or want to book a test drive, the advisors at your local Swansway Group dealership are waiting for your call or visit. The kettle is always on!