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Which Electric or Hybrid SUV Should I Be Driving?

Which Electric or Hybrid SUV Should I Be Driving?


Electric & Hybrid SUVs are creeping on to the market, making motoring cleaner, greener and more economical. Torque Tips looks at some of the models on offer. Choose the best EV SUV for you.

Which Electric or Hybrid SUV Should I Be Driving?

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The automotive world is smitten with electric and hybrid SUVs.

And so are we!

By 2040 all new cars sold will either have to be electric or hybrid, so why not get ahead of the curve and take a look at what’s on offer now.

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years with motor shows being flooded with electric concept cars of all shapes and capabilities - including SUVs that ooze style and practicality.

Of course the biggest attraction with hybrid and electric cars is reduced (or no) emissions and lower running costs compared with conventional engines.


Here are just a few of the electric and hybrid SUVs currently on the market.

We think you’ll agree: they won’t just satisfy your environmental and economic cravings - instant torque means they’re also seriously great to drive.



Economy meets superb design in this practically perfect,
performance electric SUV.

Sporty looks and luxury make the Jaguar I-PACE a truly individual drive. No wonder it’s been named as European Car of the Year.

Interior space is surprising, mainly due to the 90kWh batteries sitting entirely within the wheelbase, providing a low centre of gravity which contributes to well-balanced handling. This excellent driveability is ably assisted by All Wheel Drive, a responsive engine and enhanced aerodynamics thanks to a low vented bonnet and flat rear end with low drag coefficient. Acceleration is a breeze, reaching 60mph from a standing start in 4.5 seconds.


Thanks to a Home Charging Cable, the Jaguar I-PACE can be fully charged from a domestic socket in just under 13 hours, lasting up to a phenomenal 292 miles. When out and about, simply take advantage of the Go Jaguar app to help you pinpoint the nearest charging station to top up the batteries, and away you go...

jaguar i-pace specifications
  • Trims Available S | SE | HSE
  • Drivetrain 2 x electric 90kW motors
  • Power 400 PS
  • Torque 696 Nm
  • Electric Range WLTP TEL 292 miles*
  • CO2 Emissions 0g/km*
  • Top Speed 124 mph
  • Acceleration (0-62mph) 4.8 sec
  • Length 4,682 mm
  • Width (incl wing mirrors) 2,139 mm
  • Max Height 1,565 mm
  • Unladen Weight 2,208 kg
  • Boot Volume (rear seats up/rear seats folded) 656/1,453 litres
  • Turning Circle 11.98 m
Explore the Jaguar I-PACE

range rover


As with all hybrids and EVs, the Range Rover PHEV enjoys
low road tax.

What you may not expect is its fast speed off the blocks: 0 to 62mph in under seven seconds - quite impressive for a vehicle measuring five metres long or more, and weighing over two and a half tonnes.

The size of the Range Rover PHEV provides a reassuring comfort, as does the onboard computer that utilises Parallel Hybrid mode to weigh up the driving conditions to work between the electric motor and petrol engine, ensuring you always have the most economical drive possible.


Fully charged using your domestic power supply in 7.5 hours, Land Rover’s first EV is as practical as the rest of the SUV range with a wading depth of up to 900mm and a collection of optional accessories, such as roof carriers and boxes, deployable side steps and interior storage packs to make everyday driving as easy as possible.

range rover phev specifications
  • Trims Available Vogue | Vogue SE | Autobiography | Autobiography LWB | SVAutobiography LWB
  • Drivetrain 105 kW motor / 2.0L Si4 300
  • Power 400 PS
  • Torque 640 Nm
  • Electric Range 30 miles*
  • Economy WLTP TEL 85.1 mpg*
  • CO2 Emission 72 g/km*
  • Top Speed 137 mph
  • Fastest Acceleration (0-62mph) 6.8 sec (SWB)
  • Length (SWB / LWB) 5,000 / 5,200 mm
  • Width (incl wing mirrors) 2,220 mm
  • Max Height 1,869 mm
  • Unladen Weight (SWB / LWB) 2,502 kg / 2,596 kg
  • Boot Volume (rear seats folded LWB / rear seats folded SWB / unfolded) 1,908 / 1,773 / 694 litres
  • Turning Circle (SWB / LWB) 12.3 / 13.1 m
Explore the Range Rover PHEV



The fact that one of the world’s most popular SUVs is now available as a hybrid means that the great looks and superior finish of the Honda CR-V can now be enjoyed along with a quieter, more economic engine in two or four-wheel-drive.

A shark fin antenna, rear spoiler, sculpted bonnet and LED headlights provide a sophisticated exterior for the Honda CR-V hybrid, all wrapped up in a capable All Wheel Drive SUV. Parking sensors and rear-view camera come as standard which, along with the Honda Sensing safety system, will literally keep you on the straight and narrow. Excess energy from the engine and from braking recharges the battery, so you’ll never have to worry about plugging in.


Inside, the Active Noise Control minimises road sound, allowing you to fully appreciate the audio system with 8-speakers, DAB Digital Radio and Honda CONNECT infotainment system, all controlled via a handy touchscreen monitor. All-in-all, you’ll look, sound and feel amazing in the Honda CR-V hybrid.

honda cr-v specifications
  • Trims Available S | SE | SR | EX
  • Drivetrain 2.0L petrol i-VTEC / 2 x 135 kW electric motors
  • Power 145 PS
  • Torque 175 Nm
  • Electric Range 3 miles*
  • Economy WLTP TEL 52.3 mpg*
  • CO2 Emission 120 g/km*
  • Top Speed 112 mph
  • Acceleration (0-62mph) 8.8 sec
  • Length 4,603 mm
  • Width (incl wing mirrors) 2,117 mm
  • Max Height 1,689 mm
  • Unladen Weight 2,275 kg
  • Boot Volume (rear seats up/rear seats folded) 497 / 1,697 litres
  • Turning Circle 11.4 m
Explore the honda cr-v



The Audi e-tron possesses the same quattro all-wheel-drive, Matrix LED lights and self-parking technology that you’ll find on other Audi SUVs, all powered by two electric motors. Charging is available using a standard AC domestic plug in an estimated 8.5 hours or via a dedicated 150kW fast charger in just 30 mins.

Heat-insulating glass helps to conserve energy in the Audi e-tron when maintaining the interior temperature with the two-zone climate control system. This can be set using the remote preconditioning feature, activated via the advanced infotainment system, Audi Connect or myAudi app so that your car is always ready when you are.


A powered tailgate and 12-volt sockets in the front, rear and boot provide additional convenience while virtual door mirrors are a clever option, using rear view cameras that can be zoomed and moved to your own preference. For the full monty, try the top-of-the-range Launch Edition with extras such as a panoramic glass sunroof, 21” alloy wheels and black styling details.

audi e-tron specifications
  • Trims Available E-tron | Launch Edition
  • Drivetrain 55 quattro 265 kW
  • Power 408 PS
  • Torque 665 Nm
  • Electric Range WLPT 241 miles*
  • CO2 Emission 0 g/km*
  • Top Speed 124 mph
  • Acceleration (0-62mph) 5.7 sec
  • Length 4,986 mm
  • Width (incl wing mirrors) 2,190 mm
  • Max Height 1,705 mm
  • Unladen Weight 2,490 kg
  • Boot Volume (seats up / seats down) 660 / 1,725 litres
  • Turning Circle 12.2 m
Explore the Audi e-tron

range rover sport


There’s no compromise with the Range Rover Sport PHEV. By integrating the charging port into the front grille, this hybrid version retains all of its athletic styling while the intelligent Plug-in Hybrid Display provides real-time data as the petrol engine and electric motor work together to achieve excellent efficiency.

Of course, a quieter engine means a more peaceful cabin, easily filled with the MeridianTM Sound System, if the mood takes you. Ambient lighting, electronic air suspension and luxurious leather upholstery make every drive even more comfortable, and features such as the hidden-til-lit buttons present a simple, yet elegant interior.


Curvier than its big brother, the Range Rover, yet muscular in all the right places, the Range Rover Sport PHEV is designed to grab attention with a rearward sloping roof, Animated Directional Indicators and wrap around matrix LED lights - all proving that style and function work hand in hand, pretty well.

range rover sport phev specifications
  • Trims Available HSE | HSE Dynamic | Autobiography Dynamic
  • Drivetrain 105 kW motor / 2.0L Si4 300
  • Power 400 PS
  • Torque 640 Nm
  • Electric Range WLPT 30 miles*
  • Economy WLPT 91.1 mpg*
  • CO2 Emission 71 g/km*
  • Top Speed 137 mph
  • Acceleration (0-62mph) 6.7 sec
  • Length 4,879 mm
  • Width (incl wing mirrors) 2,220 mm
  • Max Height 1,803 mm
  • Unladen Weight 2,464 kg
  • Boot Volume (rear seats folded / unfolded) 1,606 / 700 litres
  • Turning Circle 12.4 m
Explore the Range Rover Sport PHEV

With the availability of charging stations improving, electric driving is rising in popularity so we’re delighted to be able to combine this technology in our range of electric and hybrid SUVs.

Remember that some electric SUVs can qualify for a Government
Plug-In Car grant

Pop in to your nearest Swansway Group dealership to find out more about this and our full range of electric and hybrid SUVs for cleaner, greener, more economical motoring.