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When Two Become Three - Cars for a Family of Five

When Two Become Three - Cars for a Family of Five

By Swansway Motor Group 28-06-2019


Kids come with so much stuff. Prams, car seats, toys, nappies, snacks, spare clothes and more spare clothes! With two children comes twice the fun. And just when you think you’ve mastered automotive tetris to fit everything into your car - boom - life throws you another challenge… number three!

Remember that children must remain in a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall, so it’s likely that when your third child arrives, as well as all of the usual child-friendly gadgets, your car will have to accommodate three child seats. A great excuse to buy a new car!

While SUVs, MPVs  and 4x4s  might look big enough to cope with an additional child car seat, you may be disappointed to learn that many of them don’t have the required space in the second row to fit three, side by side. Others might have the space but not the isofix attachments that make fitting a child car seat so much easier. You’ll also find that the third rows of many seven seaters are not suitable for fitting car seats.

When you’ve finally found a car that is suitable for three junior passengers, there’s a few other points to consider: are the doors wide enough for you to reach over into the child situated in the middle of the row? And is there enough space in the boot for the pram(s) and other kiddy paraphernalia.

So, before what sounds like a fun shopping trip for a new car turns into a bit more of a challenge, Torque Tips is here to help. We’ve tracked down some of the cars that lend themselves well to an expanding family and all the additional equipment that comes with child number three.

Peugeot 5008 SUV

White Peugeot 5008 SUV parked on beach in front of rocky outcrop, facing three-quarters right.

No. of isofix points: 3

Boot capacity (5-seat / 7-seat): 952 / 167 litres

With three isofix points in the second row of seats, the Peugeot 5008 is a solid choice for a family with three children under 12 years old. This seven-seater also allows for two more family members (without child safety seats) in the fold-away third row, with all rear passengers benefitting from the privacy provided by dark tinted side and rear windows.*

 Second row of black leather quilted seats in Peugeot 5008 SUV.

Underfloor storage compartments in the rear cabin provide some all-important additional room for nappies, a change of clothes or the emergency spare teddy, while fold out tables allow older children to keep themselves occupied with colouring in, jigsaws or lego.

Audi Q7

White Audi Q7 parked on grass at the side of the road, facing three-quarters right.

No. of isofix points: 6

Boot capacity (5-seat / 7-seat): 770 / 295 litres

Large door apertures on the Audi Q7 make it easy to fit your child seats and ensure all three of your children are happy and secure using the isofix points located on all rear seats, as well as the front passenger seat (with air bag deactivation). To ensure a correct and safe fit, Audi even has its own range of child seats.

 Second row of cream leather and fabric seats in Audi Q7.

1.5-litre door storage bin as well as back of the seat pockets provide useful places to stash treats and you’ll also find two cup holders for the two rear seats to help prevent sticky spillages.

Land Rover Discovery

Silver Land Rover Discovery parked on red rock, facing three-quarters left

No. of isofix points: 5

Boot capacity (5-seat / 7-seat): 922 / 172 litres

Isofix is available in the two outside second row seats as well as the front passenger and two rear-most seats of the Land Rover Discovery so, while three child car seats can be fitted, they may not be on the same row. Intelligent rear seats move up and down at a flick of a button in the boot, or from the dashboard touchscreen, allowing you to keep all three children in line of sight.

Second row of cream leather seats in Land Rover Discovery

The gesture-operated and powered tailgate* is a welcome addition when your hands are full with children or prams, as is the multi-zone climate control* which comes in handy when children are tired and tempers are frayed.

SEAT Alhambra

White SEAT Alhambra parked on tarmac and facing three-quarters to right

No. of isofix points: 3

Boot capacity (5-seat / 7-seat): 1,167 / 267 litres

SEAT makes great family cars and the SEAT Alhambra is no exception. Sliding doors, and the largest boot space on our list, make loading and unloading your precious packages as easy as 1, 2, 3, which means it’s also easy to get access to the two third row seats, if required. Isofix fittings are present across the middle row for easy fixing of child safety seats.

Second row of grey leather and blue fabric seats in SEAT Alhambra

The optional Infant Pack or Young Pack will provide you with everything you need to keep all three of your children safe and comfortable on the road from baby/child seat to seat protector and monitoring mirror. SEAT has kindly included three-zone climate control as standard to keep everyone happy, temperature-wise.

Citroën C4 Spacetourer

Citroen C4 Space Tourer parked on paved slabs

No. of isofix points: 3

Boot capacity (5-seat): 537 litres

Previously known as the Picasso, all three rear seats of the Citroën C4 Spacetourer come complete with isofix points and a decent sized boot. This means that you probably won’t need to stretch to the seven seater Grand… unless you’re thinking of expanding your family even further.

Second row of beige and black leather seats in Citroën C4 Spacetourer

Although the door bins are on the small side, underfloor stowage* allows some valuable storage room and folding tables* boost the practicality. More importantly, the rear doors open wide to allow you good access to all three children without straining your back.

Whether you’re stopping at three or want room for a few more, we’re happy to help you find a car that will help get the whole family safely on the road. Simply pop in to your local Swansway dealership to discover what’s available for families with three children… or more. Don’t forget to bring your child car seats to try them out for size.

* Trim dependent


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