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What’s the recipe for the perfect car?

What’s the recipe for the perfect car?


The Great British Drive Off, from baking to driving, discover the recipe for your perfect new car. Swansway Group has all the ingredients you need.

The Great British Drive-Off - The Recipe for Your Perfect New Car!

Yes it's that time again, everyone is obsessed with a certain baking show on TV and we're all trying our hand at creating fabulous tasty bakes. Delicious photos are popping up all over social media, and sometimes we get lucky when someone brings their latest creations into the office for us to sample – Yum !

At Swansway Group, we all love cakes and biscuits, but we love cars even more, so it's got us thinking... what is the recipe for a perfect new car ?

Well, it's pretty much like your perfect cake recipe. There are some features that everyone wants. With a cake you'll want it to be moist, you'll want it to be packed full of flavour and it'll have to look appetising too - with a crumb structure that’ll delight Mary… or Prue! When it comes to a car, you need it to be reliable, you'll want it to be economical and it's great if it's also stylish.

Then there are those things that are unique to your own tastes. For some people it HAS to be chocolate. Chocolate sponge, smothered in chocolate with an extra topping of chocolate sprinkles, while for others it's a lemon drizzle cake, tangy and sticky. It's just the same with cars. Some people want a small car that's easy to park, some want a 7 seater to fit the whole family in, while for others it has to be a convertible. Just don't leave that roof down in the rain or you'll be guaranteed a soggy bottom!

So let's look at some ingredients you might want in your perfect new car...

Cars made from icing and sweets on top of a cake race track



Reliability in a car is as fundamental as edibility in a cake. In the same way as you wouldn’t eat bread that’s half baked, you're simply not going to want a car that’s unreliable are you? You want it to start whatever the weather and not let you down and you certainly don't want to be at the garage all the time having your new car repaired. This is where you can rest assured when you buy your car from Swansway. Whether you're buying a used Jaguar or a brand new SEAT, our highly trained technicians will make sure your car is in great condition before you spend your hard earned dough on it. The proof is in the pudding, just check out our reviews and you'll see how happy Swansway customers are.


Even those with a large disposable income will probably be looking for a car that's going to be economical to run. No one wants to spend a fortune driving to the supermarket for flour and eggs for your next culinary creation. That would really take the biscuit!

Modern innovations in vehicle technology make most new cars pretty economical, even those with larger engines. When you swap your older car for a new one, you might just be pleasantly surprised at the savings you make when it comes to fuel. If fuel economy is top of your ingredients list, check out the DS 3 BlueHDi which gives you an impressive 83.1mpg*. It's one of the most economical cars on the market.

The Right Size

You wouldn’t bake a pie for six when there’s eight guests coming to tea! So, there's nothing more annoying than having a car that just isn't the right size for your needs. If you have a tight parking spot outside your home, then you need a small car, but if you've got five kids and a couple of big dogs then you're certainly going to need a vehicle that's big enough to let you all travel in comfort!

When you visit a Swansway dealership, checking out new cars, let us know your requirements and we'll be happy to discuss with you just which would be the perfect new car for your needs. Are you a petit-four sized family, or more of a giant gâteau tribe? Don't worry, we've got cars in all sizes!

Red animated car holding a cupcake with chocolate icing 

Special Requirements

Gluten, dairy, nut or egg allergies can be catered for in recipes. It just takes a little tweaking. So, if you need a car that's tailor-made for your own needs, just let us know.  Swansway Group has a wide range of vehicles available in conjunction with the Motability Scheme, many of which can be adapted to accommodate your specific needs.

If you need a smaller car that's easy to park, but still looks stunning then how about the gorgeous Fiat 500. From the mahogany dash to the blue diamond alloy wheels, you'll certainly turn heads! For those who need something a whole lot larger, take a look at the Citroën Space Tourer. There's plenty of room for the whole family, a wheelchair if necessary and all your luggage too.


They say we eat with our eyes first, and this applies to cars too. It doesn't matter how economical a car is, or how much of a bargain it is to buy. If you don't like the looks of it, you'll be put off.

However, what one person perceives as a beautiful car, another person might just not find attractive. That's the reason why we stock a huge range of vehicles so there's the perfect car for everyone here at our dealerships. You might fall in love with the sleek and sporty Alfa Romeo 4C, or perhaps you're more swayed by the rugged good looks of the All-new Land Rover Discovery?

Extra Features

These days, there are many fancy ingredients for cakes - popping candy, gold leaf and all sorts of hidden surprises when you cut into them. Cars, too, are packed full of amazing features.

Learn about the features available, then you can get together a list of essentials you think you’ll need when you're in the market for a new car. If you travel a lot, then built-in sat nav is a must so you'll never get lost again or be late for an important meeting. If you love music then bluetooth connectivity, DAB Digital radio or a USB socket will be important to ensure you're entertained on your journeys. If you need to take calls while on the road, don't be a fruit fool and use your phone while driving, instead, make sure your car can connect directly to your phone and you can answer it by voice, or by simply pressing a button on the steering wheel.

It's these little extra touches that really are the icing on the cake, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without them. Keyless start, push button hand brake, parking sensors or rear seats that flip down at the touch of a button, they're all there to make life that little bit tastier!

Baking tray full of car-shaped cookies


We’d never mean to cause a stomach upset from our baking, so we all take hygiene precautions to ensure that each and every one of our creations are safe to eat. Similarly, during the Great British Drive Off, we all want to take precautions to feel secure when enjoying our vehicles.

Luckily, car safety is very good in new cars. You'll find ISOFIX child car seat points and a whole host of airbags, both in the front, the back and at the sides of vehicles. A good tip is to check out the Euro NCAP Safety Rating for the cars you're looking at. If a car has a five star rating then you're buying one of the safest cars on the market, which is pretty reassuring. If you're looking for a  car with a five star safety rating, how about the Honda Civic Tourer or the all-new Seat Ibiza?

You might also benefit from parking assist, lane departure and blind spot warning systems. There are so many new safety features in modern cars that are just so beneficial.

A Great Price

We all love to get a good deal. Whether it's a BOGOF on icing sugar, or a special offer on a new car. All Swansway dealerships offer a variety of special offers so do ask when you visit us, or check out our offers online. From great prices on new cars, to super finance deals, there's always something special going on.


Once you've got your list of ingredients together, then the rest is simple. Just come along to your local Swansway dealership and we'll help you to blend together all your requirements to  find your perfect new car. Our talented team soak up knowledge about all our cars like a sponge (cake), so they're always very happy to help. There's no technical challenge our technicians can't deal with and all our advisors are stars, every day.

Our high level of service simply can't be beaten! One thing you can count on, is you'll be driving off in a real showstopper!

On your marks, get set... DRIVE!