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What you need to know about Land Rover’s £150,000 Defender

What you need to know about Land Rover’s £150,000 Defender


Today, Land Rover revealed its most powerful Defender – a V8-powered, 400bhp version of the British brand’s iconic 4×4.

Today, Land Rover revealed its most powerful Defender – a V8-powered, 400bhp version of the British brand’s iconic 4×4.

Limited to just 150 units the Defender is a last hurrah before an all-new version arrives later on in the year. Here are six things that you need to know about this hugely powerful swansong Defender.


It’s powered by a V8 engine

Harking back to the early V8-powered Series III Stage 1 from 1979, the Defender Works V8 produces 399bhp and 515Nm of torque from a 5.0-litre V8 engine. Sent to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox, it allows the Defender to hit 60mph in just 5.6 seconds.

Land rover defender engineThough we know the power outputs, we have yet to be told the official economy details. However, given the car’s power output and high performance, it’s likely that the Defender won’t be the best in terms of miles per gallon.


The engine isn’t the only area that has been upgraded

Because of the Defender’s high power output, other mechanical elements of the car have been updated too. As such, uprated brakes help bring the car effectively to a stop, while large 18-inch diamond-turned alloy wheels with all-terrain tyres contribute to better traction levels.

landrover part inside the carIn addition, new springs, dampers and anti-roll bars should give the Defender improved on-road handling manners and better suit it to higher driving speeds.


Exterior changes have been applied too

How do you tell the Defender Works apart from a more run-of-the-mill example? Well, aside from the burbling engine note, there is a variety of exterior changes to look for. You’ll find the roof, wheel arches and front grille finished in black paint, while the door handles, fuel filler cap and Defender bonnet lettering are all made from machined aluminium.

side view of red landrover defenderAll this does make the car stand out, with the large alloy wheels in particular giving it plenty of presence.


The interior has been been given a high-end lift

Not only has the exterior of the Defender been given a range of highlights, but the interior has been worked over as well. Now, Windsor leather has been used to trim the dashboard, door panels and headlining. It’s also been applied to the Recaro sport seats, giving them a far more luxurious look.

interior of Land Rover defenderIn addition, an infotainment system with satellite navigation and media functions has been fitted, bringing the interior of the Defender firmly up to date.


It commands a fearsome price tag

Owing to its limited numbers and powerful engine, the Defender comes with a rather daunting price tag – £150,000 in fact.

close up of defender badgeAvailable in both 90 and 110 wheelbase layouts, the Defender is, as mentioned, limited to just 150 examples – so it’s likely that they’ll become collectors’ items as soon as they’ve been snapped up.


It’s been planned since 2014

Apparently the idea of a building a more powerful Defender has been around for some time, according to Tim Hannig, Jaguar Land Rover Classic director. He said: “The idea of reintroducing a V8 Defender was something we were discussing as far back as 2014, when we were still building the Defender in Solihull.

Land rover Defender driving through trees“We knew the demand was there for a powerful and fast Defender – the Land Rover authenticity is the ultimate finishing touch for discerning clients purchasing these collector’s edition Defenders.”