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Use Our Clever Calculator To Find Out What The New Speeding Fines Mean To You

Use Our Clever Calculator To Find Out What The New Speeding Fines Mean To You

By Swansway Motor Group 17-05-2017


Use our clever Calculator to find out what the new Speeding Fines mean to you

Use our clever Calculator to find out what
the new Speeding Fines mean to you

At Swansway Group, we’re always careful to stick to the speed limits, after all they’re in place to help keep all road users safe - drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike.  So we’re happy to hear that the new speeding penalties in England and Wales which took effect on 24th April 2017 are now being firmly enforced.  

We’ve already given you a guide to the new points and fine system which is designed to be a more relevant deterrent to speeding culprits by imposing punishments suited to the crime, as well as the offender’s personal circumstances.  

The minimum punishment for speeding is 3 penalty points on your licence and a £100 fine.  However, this is the lowest penalty, and additional points and fines may be imposed.  In a nutshell, the greater the amount by which an offender exceeds the speed limit, the more severe the sentence, and in an effort to make each punishment appropriate to the crime, the penalty incorporates a speeding fine which must be paid as a percentage of weekly income, after tax and National Insurance deductions.

But what does this really mean to us?

Well, with the UK’s average wage of £27,200, a band A offence would result in 3 penalty points along with a fine of £209, equivalent to a one-night spa sensation break for two at Rookery Hall Hotel.
Get caught speeding in band B and you’ll be looking at 4-6 penalty points (or disqualification) as well as a fine of £418 which could have bought that 55” LED TV that you’ve been craving.
And a band C punishment will endorse your licence with 6 points (or disqualification) to accompany a fine of £627, easily enough to secure you the latest iPhone.
The maximum fine is £1000 or £2500 for motorway offences which could be better spent on two nights in Paris with a loved one (including Eurostar) or a mediterranean cruise for two!

Enter your net monthly income below to see how much money
you could lose if you’re careless on the road

Band A
3 points + 50%
of the offender’s weekly income

This would be applied to an offence such as travelling 21-30mph in a 20mph zone or 71-90mph on a motorway.

Band B
4-6 points + 100%
of the offender’s weekly income

You’ll be subject to this level of punishment if you’re caught doing 81-90mph in a 60mph zone or 41- 55mph where the speed limit is 30mph.

Band C
6 points + 150%
of the offender’s weekly income

This is the penalty that you would be likely to receive for driving over 66mph in a 40mph zone or over 101mph on a motorway.

* This calculator acts as a rough guideline to the fines that may be imposed following a conviction for speeding. The 3 bands of punishment are imposed after consideration by the court who will also look at aggravating or mitigating factors.
Information source Sentencing Council

Don’t forget that if you accrue 12 or more penalty points within 3 years, you’ll face being disqualified from driving, and if you’ve passed your test less than 2 years ago, you’ll lose your licence after 6 points.

Don’t risk losing your licence and your hard earned cash by speeding. Stick to the speed limits and you’ll help to keep you, your passengers and other users safe on the roads. If you need any other reasons to stay safe on the roads, visit any Swansway Group dealership to pick out your next new car for cool cruising, not rude racing!