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What's your perfect driving song?

What's your perfect driving song?


Top tunes are usually on the list of everyone’s driving essentials. Take our motoring music quiz to discover what’s your perfect driving song.

We all have our ‘must have’ accessories for a great drive. Stylish shades, quality company or a sensible SatNav? Whatever your driving essentials, at Swansway Group, we’re fairly certain that some top tunes will feature at or near the top of your list.

Music can spark memories and stir emotions like nothing else - consoling our sadness, making us feel happy and generally washing away our troubles. The great thing about music is that you can take it anywhere you want... including your car. Here, the seat is your stage and the dashboard your audience, so sing aloud while you concentrate on the important matter of getting from A to B. After all, no one can hear you...or can they?

We recently helped you to choose your ideal car in the Swansway Group Which Car Should You really Be Driving Quiz. Now, take our Driving Song Quiz to find out which track is most suitable for you, as you turn on and tune into your motoring.

Which driving song did our automobile DJ pick for you? Listen in to the tracks below and if you don’t agree with the result, tell us which is your favourite driving song and why via the Swansway Group Twitterand Facebook pages.

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