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What engines can I get on the new Land Rover Defender

What engines can I get on the new Land Rover Defender

By Swansway Motor Group 03-12-2019


The new Defender has some cracking engines on offer. Here’s the lowdown…

What’s under the bonnet can often make or break a deal when it comes to buying a new car. Fortunately, the new Land Rover Defender’s engine range is not only comprised of units which offer an almost-perfect blend of performance and economy, there’s also a good variety available. This means there’s sure to be one engine to suit everyone.

What’s more, additional units are very likely to join the line-up as time goes on. For now, here’s what buyers can choose from…

2.0-litre 197bhp diesel (D200)

LAnd Rover Defender driving up a mountain

Available with the entry-level Defender, this 2.0-litre diesel unit offers the least horsepower – 197bhp to be exact – but still provides plenty of punch. The engine’s badged as the D200.

2.0-litre 237bhp diesel (D240)

Land Rover Defender

For buyers after a tad more performance, however, not masses as to add significantly to the price tag of the vehicle may want to look at this option. The 237bhp 2.0-litre diesel, called the D240, is offered with both the base Defender 110 and First Edition variants.

2.0-litre 296bhp petrol (P300)

Land Rover Defender

If petrol power is preferred, fear not, as there are a couple of units to choose from in this department, including this 296bhp motor. The engine, known as the P300, can be opted for with the base 110 as well.

3.0-litre 395bhp petrol (P400)

Land Rover Defender driving through a dessert

This engine, badged P400, is only available with the 110 X version of the model, which sits right at the top of the line-up. With an impressive 395bhp on tap from a 3.0-litre unit, it’s pretty rapid and is the pinnacle of performance in the current Defender range.

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