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What Cars Would the Killing Eve Characters drive?

What Cars Would the Killing Eve Characters drive?


Out of nowhere, Killing Eve has grabbed a nation and swept the board at the BAFTAs, but for all its wonderful stylised design the show is missing one thing, cars for its main characters!

In from left-field came Killing Eve. Produced by BBC America, based on a series of little-known, Luke Jennings novellas, re-written for the screen by, the then unknown to the public, posh-sounding, Phoebe Waller-Bridge; starring Sandra Oh, known only from her role, years ago, in Grey’s Anatomy and Jodie Comer, the irritating smug girlfriend in the BBC’s hit series, Dr Foster.

Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve

Not the most appetising recipe for a thriller drama, but those who wrote off the female-heavy cast and production team, have been proved monumentally wrong by the global success of Killing Eve, which has rocketed Jodie, Sandra and Phoebe to stratospherically starry levels.

If you’ve watched Killing Eve and let’s face it most of us have, at least twice, then you may be aware that, on an, as yet, undisclosed date in June, the full second series will drop on the BBC iPlayer, bringing a binge of stylish gore, incredible fashion and ruthless assassination back to our screens.

Whilst we wait for that happy moment to arrive, there’s one accessory that neither Villanelle, Eve nor the fabulously hypnotic, Carolyn Martens have been seen with during series one and that’s a car.

So, what car would the stars of Killing drive on-screen?

A car made for Villanelle

Beautiful, dangerous and wholly mysterious. Who gives Villanelle her victims? Why does she enjoy killing so much? What made her a psychopath? What makes her love ‘the breathy’ ones? Who is she? What is her fascination with Eve?

So many questions, along with where does her amazing wardrobe come from? Her love of beautiful things and design which led her to order the same bedcover as one of her victims. Why? Where does it come from? And what would she drive?

I can only really see her either riding a vintage Vespa or something very quirky, beautifully designed, elegant and definitely edgy; the Abarth 124 Spider.

Quirky, with its removable carbon fibre lid and quick, with its light weight and turbo engine.

Dark grey Abarth 124 GT driving over a bridge a night


Definitely one for Eve to aspire to

Eve Polastri; bored with the her deskbound MI5 job, she can’t help but be drawn to the distractingly dangerous Villanelle and her frantic life. Eve is changing, but she doesn’t understand why or what she’s becoming.

Her husband longs for her to return to be the old Eve, but she's tempted by the dangerous underworld inhabited by the mysterious Villanelle. Confused, but strangely excited, should Eve be behind the wheel of car that reflects her old carefree, but as she saw it, slightly dull life or one that reflects her growing uncertainty and fascination with the dangerous world of Villanelle?

Old Eve, would have been happy behind the wheel of something sensible; new Eve, well the sky’s the limit for her and we see her behind the wheel of something stealthy, slippery and slightly menacing. The one of a kind Range Rover Velar; it looks like no other car, with its lowered slithery roofline, retractable door-handles and all-round coolness.

Silvery coloured Range Rover Velar seen driving at speed side on

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The F-Type would definitely make Carolyn smile

From a distance Eve, fan-girls on Carolyn who is seen as the ultimate spy’s spy for her vast Russian surveillance knowledge; once Eve is in the inner circle she realises Carolyn is far from the blue-stocking, ice queen she appears to be, finding instead a very red-blooded hard-drinking woman who has, quite literally, slept with enemy and come back for more.

Eve’s disillusionment and disbelief in finding that Carolyn is not the role-model she thought her to be, is matched by Carolyn's revelling in her own naughtiness and misdirection. Older ladies the world over, love the fact that Carolyn is proof positive that women ‘of a certain age’ can be sexy!

What would she drive? Well, it has to be something naughty and haughty, a veritable ‘V sign’ to what other people think, a lady, nearing 60, who just so happens to be a spy, would drive.

Definitely a Jaguar, that icon of British design, and for the shock factor the F-Type, a real two-fingered salute to all those who think older women should be invisible. Carolyn wouldn't have any of that nonsense!

White Jaguar F-Type driving towards you at sunset

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