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What Are The Best Wedding Cars for Our Special Day?

What Are The Best Wedding Cars for Our Special Day?


Planning a wedding is lots of fun. Don’t forget the wedding car! Here’s our tips on what makes the best wedding car. Choose yours today!

What Are The Best


They’ve proposed… the answer is yes!

Now the fun begins.

Whether you’re going big and bold or intimate and subtle, one thing’s for sure, you want your wedding day to be memorable and to go without a hitch. That means planning the venue, cake, invitations, outfits and wedding car to the finest detail!

While you’ll find a lot of tips on many of these, one aspect seems to be neglected. Yes, as poor old Princess Eugenie found out when she tried to squeeze her massive dress into a lovely but compact Aston Martin, there is precious little advice when it comes to the wedding car.

Here’s a list of some questions you might
need to ask when picking the transport for your special day:


Is our wedding car big enough?

If there’s going to be at least one big dress involved you’ll need to ensure that you’ve got enough room. The Father and Mother of the Bride or Groom, bridesmaids and groom will have enough to worry about without having to also pack the bride into a teeny tiny car.


Something like a Daimler Limousine is a classic that has bags of space and more than a little panache.



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Does our wedding car have enough seats?

16 People

Wedding parties have a habit of getting out of control. When trying not to offend friends and relatives, there’s a danger that numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen can add up. Make sure that your wedding car capacity can cope with a Lincoln Stretch Limousine that can hold up to 16 people.


Stretch Limousine


Is our wedding car reliable?





Aside from using a wedding car hire company that has been personally recommended, there are other things you can do to ensure that your wedding car will get you to the church, hotel or registry office on time. Make sure that the supplier is covered by the relevant insurances and also has a contingency plan in case of breakdown. If you’re still concerned - especially if you have a long journey - ditch the classic cars in favour of something like a Range Rover that’s equally as impressive and guaranteed to do the job.

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Is our wedding car chauffeur-driven?

Although we’d all love an excuse to drive a luxury car for a day, there’s plenty of reasons to leave it to the professionals for such an important event. Many older cars, like the stunning Rolls Royce Phantom III are quirky and need someone who is familiar with them at the helm. An experienced chauffeur can also offer advice and reassurance to a nervous bride or groom, replan the route if you hit a traffic jam and if you’re thinking about having an alcoholic drink at any stage in the day, it’s best to leave the driving to someone else.

Rolls Royce

Phantom 3


Can we get in and out of our wedding car easily?

The arrival of the wedding party at the venue is a highlight of the day and the first chance for the guests to see all of the efforts made with outfits. So being able to gracefully alight from your wedding car is a must. A chauffeur will be able to offer more assistance here but a high car with wide doors will help, too.

The luxurious Jaguar F-pace is a comfortable, easily accessible SUV with a prestige label, perfect for a special event. And it comes in white too!



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Does our wedding car suit our personalities or match our theme?

If you’re looking for something different that’ll keep all your guests talking, you could put a little more thought into your transport. A classic VW Campervan would suit a casual and quirky wedding while an open air country wedding would be perfectly complimented by a roaring Jeep Wrangler and a bride in wellies!




Is our wedding car just for the hell of it?

Of course, you could ignore all of this practical advice and use your big day as an excuse to drive the car you’ve always wanted. Go wild with the Alfa Romeo 4C for example, and you’ll be creating special memories for you and your new spouse - as long as you don’t fight over who gets to drive!


Alfa Romeo