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What are the Audi RS Paint Colour Choices?

What are the Audi RS Paint Colour Choices?

By Swansway Motor Group 24-09-2018


An Audi RS is a special car, deserving of a special paint finish but which colours can you choose? We’ve put all the options for the whole range, from the RS3 to the RS7, together in one place. Take your pick.

What are the Audi RS Paint Colour Choices?

Enhanced body styling and power combined with Audi quality and advanced technologies create an everyday usable car with a taste of supercar performance. From the RS3 Saloon to the iconic TT RS Roadster, there’s a model that will thrill you in a matter of seconds.

Why Should I Choose
an Audi RS?

If the idea of super sporty looks, power and top-of-the-line features appeal (and why wouldn’t they?) the Audi RS range is the place to look.

Eight different Audi models have been given the RS makeover, boasting up to 605 PS and a top speed of 155 mph. Capable of hitting 62 mph in as little as 3.7 seconds, the performance RS6 Avant and RS7 Sportback aren’t for the faint of heart.

Every Audi RS offers stunning looks with flared wheel arches, enlarged air inlets and dual exhaust tailpipes. Picking out your own paint colour is the icing on the cake, providing the extra touch that will help you create a car as special as you are.

Audi RS
Nando Gray

What’s the Standard
Colour on a New Audi RS?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we know that you don’t have to do anything radical to make an Audi RS stand out from the crowd. Across the range, the NARDO GREY solid paint provides a practical finish as standard.

Pick this colour and you’ll be demonstrating your sensible side. You’re mature and like things to go as planned, preferably with as little focus on you as possible.

Choose the RS6 Avant or RS7 Sportback and you’ll have several other colour options available at no extra cost.

Are there any other solid colour paint options available?

With such a flamboyant range, there’s no need for another solid colour choice for your new Audi RS… unless you’ve opted for the TT RS Roadster or TT RS Coupé. These iconic models are just crying out for something a little bit extra, like VEGAS YELLOW.

Not for the shy, yellow is a bold, confident colour that will take you to your ‘happy place’. Pick this shade and you’ll certainly brighten up your day, and that of everyone around you!

Vegas yellow How much does Vegas Yellow cost?
TT RS Roadster or Coupé: £550
Catalunya How much does Catalunya Red cost?
RS3 Sportback; RS3 Saloon; TT RS Roadster or TT RS Coupé: £550

Which Metallic Paint Finishes Can I Choose for My New Audi RS?

Whichever RS model you’ve chosen, metallics add even more glamour. Audi has gathered an impressive selection of colours with that special sheen that you only get with metallic paintwork.

Are you ambitious and determined? CATALUNYA RED might be the right colour choice for your new Audi RS. Strongly associated with race cars, you’ll feel the part in your powerful new car and won’t mind showing it off.

Floret silver

If you’re a class act but looking for a practical colour, FLORET SILVER will hide dirt well while demonstrating your sophisticated side. As with any valuable metal, it’s got high status written all over it!

How much does Floret Silver cost?
RS3 Sportback; RS3 Saloon; TT RS Roadster or TT RS Coupé: £550
RS4 Avant or RS5 Coupé: £645
RS6 Avant or RS7 Sportback: £0
Glacier white

Sometimes simple is best and that’s definitely the case with a GLACIER WHITE paint finish. Fresh, clean looks with nothing to hide allow you to demonstrate your own understated elegance. Let your driving do the talking!

How much does Glacier White cost?
RS3 Sportback; RS3 Saloon; TT RS Roadster or TT RS Coupé: £550
RS4 Avant or RS5 Coupé: £645
RS6 Avant or RS7 Sportback: £0
Mythos Black

You don’t have to be a show off to stand out. Like a little black dress, MYTHOS BLACK is timeless and never goes out of fashion. Demonstrate great taste and effortless power with the most popular car colour.

How much does Mythos Black cost?
RS3 Sportback; RS3 Saloon; TT RS Roadster or TT RS Coupé: £550
RS4 Avant or RS5 Coupé: £645
RS6 Avant or RS7 Sportback: £0
Sonoma green

Green is quite a rare colour on the roads these days, so if you like to do your own thing and shun fads while staying stylish, the SONOMA GREEN finish could be the one for you. It’ll certainly get you noticed…

How much does Sonoma Green cost?
RS4 Avant or RS5 Coupé: £645
Navarra Blue

Like a piece of sky, NAVARRA BLUE is a breath of fresh air. Optimistic and stable, the colour blue conveys a thoughtful but organised disposition.

How much does Navarra Blue cost?
RS4 Avant or RS5 Coupé: £645
Ascari Blue

If you’re looking for something a bit more deep and meaningful, the darker ASCARI BLUE could be the choice for you.

How much does Ascari Blue cost?
RS6 Avant performance or RS7 Sportback performance: £0

What are the Pearl Effect Paint Options for My Audi RS?

For a softer sheen and a paint finish that will surprise you every time, try a pearl effect option on your new Audi RS. Different in every light, you’ll feel like you’re driving a new car every day.

Daytona gray

If you like things to run smoothly, a DAYTONA GREY finish will be right up your street. Grey car owners like to lead a balanced life and fade gracefully into the background - perfectly possible with this beautiful pearl effect finish.

How much does Daytona Grey cost?
RS3 Sportback; RS3 Saloon; TT RS Roadster or TT RS Coupé: £550
RS4 Avant or RS5 Coupé: £645
RS6 Avant or RS7 Sportback: £0
Misano red

Fun and impulsive drivers love a blast of colour, like MISANO RED. If you’ve got the uncontrollable urge to hit the road at every opportunity, this is the colour for you. Grab some friends, and head out wherever the party takes you.

How much does Misano Red cost?
RS4 Avant or RS5 Coupé: £645
RS6 Avant or RS7 Sportback: £0

You’ll never feel blue when driving an Audi RS, unless of course it’s in SEPANG BLUE. Calming and honest, you’ll attract a whole lot of new friends competing to ride with you at every opportunity.

How much does Sepang Blue cost?
RS7 Sportback: £0

Which Crystal Effect Paints are Available for My New Audi RS?

When it comes to a paint finish with a bit of bling, the choice is as clear as crystal. A touch of glitter never did anyone any harm and if making an entrance is your thing, this is how you should be colouring your new Audi RS.


Like twinkling blue eyes, it’ll be difficult to resist the ARA BLUE paint. If you prefer the quiet life, this stunning exterior finish is probably not for you. Heads will turn and friends will get jealous. Bring it on!

How much does Ara Blue cost?
RS3 Sportback; RS3 Saloon; TT RS Roadster or TT RS Coupé: £775
Vegas yellow

The appropriately named PANTHER BLACK promises a sleek appearance that’ll make your Audi RS look ready for anything. Like its namesake, it’s powerful, in control and ready to spring into action.

How much does Panther Black cost?
RS3 Sportback; RS3 Saloon; TT RS Roadster or TT RS Coupé: £775
RS6 Avant or RS7 Sportback: £250

Is There a Matt Effect Paint Option for My New Audi RS?

Audi is always at the cutting edge of design, so it’s no surprise that it offers the latest paint effect as an option on a few select models. Choose a matt effect and onlookers will know that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

DAYTONA GREY matt paintwork is as up to the minute as you can get. Strong and businesslike, it proves that you can get things done while still keeping up with current fashions. The ultimate in trendsetting.

How much does Daytona Grey Matt cost?
RS6 Avant or RS7 Sportback: £5,675

With such a huge choice of colours, we’re sure that you can find the perfect paint finish for your new Audi RS. Pop into your local Swansway Audi dealership to see the whole colour range up close so you can make your new car even more distinctive.

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