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Is the VW California XXL on Its Way to Swansway Group?

Is the VW California XXL on Its Way to Swansway Group?


Will the California XXL be the big brother to the successful VW camper vans? Check out the camper van range at Swansway Group and begin your adventure!

Is the VW California XXL on its way?

Camping used to be a simple affair, but not in this day and age. With Ford and Mercedes-Benz both attempting to offer an upscale recreational vehicle, this is becoming one of the most competitive market sectors.  But Volkswagen is shaking things up by introducing new vehicles on a much larger scale.

Constantly reinventing its range, most recently introducing the concept of the I.D. Buzz - a green autonomous electric vehicle that can travel up to 270 miles on a single charge - Volkswagen is changing the game again by announcing their intentions to produce a VW California XXL camper van with a panoramic roof and remote app capabilities.

Although Volkswagen has a successful history of providing iconic, comfortable and functional camper vans, it has again thrown its hat into the ring with the California XXL, a larger version of the Volkswagen California camper van. This vehicle has all of the features of the traditional camper van combined with the off-roading abilities of an adventure van. Modelled after the Volkswagen Crafter van, the XXL was showcased at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon at the end of August 2017, as well at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Most Spacious Camper Van Around

When it comes to spaciousness, the VW California XXL lives up to its name. Loosely inspired by the original Bulli camper van, it’ s much larger than both that vehicle and the standard California. It measures almost six metres long and three metres tall, sporting a raised roof that affords standing room for even tall individuals inside the cabin.

VW California XXL living space

Making it a true family vehicle, there is room for a double bed as well as an alcove above the cab for additional sleeping and playing space. The kitchen area is large enough to accommodate two fifty-litre refrigerators as well as two metres’ worth of counter space. The beds are also two metres long, which should allow even those with long legs to get a good night’s rest. The glass roof allows light and air into the interior and makes it a bright, cheerful place to while away the hours.

Woman lounging in large roof space of the VW California XXL

All that space is nothing without the conveniences needed to enjoy it. Volkswagen is aware of this and designed the VW California XXL with that fact in mind. Under-floor heating keeps bare feet comfortable even in chilly climes, and the beds can also be heated or cooled to suit the sleeper’s preference. Besides the refrigerators, the kitchen includes a sink, a freezer, a gas heating surface, a magnetic spice rack, built-in chopping board holder, and a pull-out wet room completes the set-up in the kitchen.

There’s an attached dining area that seats four, and a toilet that expands outward and includes a pull-out wet room. This is an unheard-of luxury in the camping community, and the idea of no longer having to use dubious campsite facilities will convince many a reluctant traveller to give it a try!

In the living area, the attention to design and detail continues. There’s a drawer near the entrance to place shoes in, and the use of cork flooring and white cabinets combined with the glass roof adds to the feeling of space. The front seats can swivel to face backwards and a bench seat and extendable table allow plenty of opportunity for family time. There’s even a digital projector!

Back of campervan storage with folding chairs

The outside of the XXL hasn’t been ignored for style and practicality. The tailgate has room to store two camping chairs, while the extendable table from inside can be removed and attached to the exterior wall. A large grill can easily fit into the external storage space for family BBQs. More storage space is located behind the tailgate, and a 140-litre freshwater tank coupled with a 90-litre wastewater tank ensures that there is never a worry about water supply or disposal in the VW California XXL.

Modern Technology and Innovative Features

The VW California XXL camper van is current in every sense of the word and as a modern vehicle it integrates seamlessly with modern technology. The lighting, roof, digital projector, and music can all be controlled with a special tablet or the California XXL app.

The VW California XXL looks impressive, there’s no doubt. However, it certainly isn’t all show and no go! Under the bonnet, this RV is sporting a unique version of the Crafter’s diesel engine, a 2.0-litre, turbocharged, direct-injected 177PS. With a six-speed manual transmission, this engine can produce 302 lb/ft of torque. With Volkswagen’s patented 4Motion four-wheel-drive technology and a pneumatic suspension that allows the vehicle to be raised or lowered at will, this camper van offers all the performance capabilities that anyone could desire.

Inside a Volkswagen van showing the steering wheel, centre console, touchscreen, foot padals and leather front seats

Moreover, the VW California XXL is packed with safety features, including two reversing cameras positioned at different heights to offer contrasting vantage points to the driver and improve the view of his surroundings. Lane keeping and blind spot assist are handy assets as well, not to mention the adaptive cruise control.

The Volkswagen designers have outdone themselves with the VW California XXL. This vehicle is a well-designed, thoughtful, comfortable option for families or for older couples who finally find themselves ready to travel the open road. It packs all the comforts of home into a surprisingly spacious, bright interior. It makes controlling all various bells and whistles easy and intuitive with the use of modern technology, and it creates a safe driving experience for the passengers inside.

Where Can I Get My Hands on a Luxury Camper Van?

With all these features and more, the VW California XXL is certainly every adventurer’s dream. We'll have to wait to see if and when it will be available. In the meantime, now that we’ve planted the seed of luxury camping trips and vacations, we bet that you are eager to hit the road.

Start your road trip by popping into your local Swansway VW Van centre at Birmingham, Liverpool or Preston to take a look at the equally impressive Volkswagen camper vans on offer. Our helpful advisors can also keep you posted about any new models heading this way. What’s stopping you? Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure in style!

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