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VW Amarok: The Best Of The Pick-ups At Swansway Group

VW Amarok: The Best Of The Pick-ups At Swansway Group


Pick-up trucks are more popular than ever in the UK. Discover the best with the VW Amarok. Packed with style, power & functionality. Book a test drive today

Pick-up The Best Truck With A VW Amarok At Swansway

 For a long time, the pick-up truck market has been huge on the other side of the Atlantic.  In recent years, the interest in these types of practical vehicles has increased on this side of the pond too, encouraging European manufacturers to join the trend.

Volkswagen introduced the VW Amarok in 2010, entering the battle with well-established manufacturers such as Ford, Nissan and Toyota.  Its strongest competitors in the UK market are Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux, as well as the Mitsubishi L200.  Regardless of the fact that the VW Amarok is the first pick-up truck to be included in the Volkswagen range, the engineers managed to develop a product that is on par, and even better than the competition. 

It’s hardly surprising, given Volkswagen’s experience as a manufacturer when it comes to four-wheeled workhorses, having sold the Caddy in its millions since 1983.  However, entering the truck market is a completely new venture, and it just so happens to have worked out well for the Wolfsburg-based brand.

Looking Good

For 2017, the New Amarok received several upgrades.  Starting with a slightly revamped design and incorporating new engines, a trim level and wider load surface.  Let’s start with the looks. Volkswagen is known for its conservative and highly functional design, and the New Amarok has  both of these, while also possessing an intimidating size and ground clearance.  Compared to its more rugged and utilitarian competitors, this Volkswagen is oddly refined for a pick-up truck.

Blue VW Amarok pickup from front on road

That is definitely a good thing, providing a pick-up that gets the job done while looking good in the process, be it driving the kids to school, going grocery shopping, or hauling any kind of heavy load.  The VW Amarok comes as a double cab only with 5 comfortable seats, and its load surface has been increased to 2.52m2, giving the revamped Volkswagen more practicality than ever before.  It’s also worth noting that the load surface has been designed to carry a Euro pallet safely tucked in between the wheel arches, and it’s the widest in its class.

Driving Better

The most significant upgrade, however, can be found under the bonnet, in the form of the new engine choices.  Previous versions of the VW Amarok had a smaller 2.0TDI engine, but now, there are two 3.0-litre turbodiesel V6 units producing 201 horsepower and 368 lb ft of torque, or 221 bhp and 405 lb ft of torque.  With the updated choice of engines, the VW Amarok can outperform its competitors, enabling a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to an 8-speed automatic gearbox, also providing the maximum payload of over a tonne.

Where UK pick-ups are concerned, the only bigger engine is Ford’s 3.2TDCi that powers the Ranger, but having been rated at over 200 horsepower, the VW Amarok has two of the most powerful engines in the class.  The fuel consumption of the VW Amarok is 36.2 MPG (combined)* in both engine configurations, which is a truly respectable number considering the displacement, the power and the overall weight of the car.

Blue Amarok pickup from side on road

The VW Amarok proves itself as a capable off-roader too, since it’s equipped with Volkswagen’s signature 4MOTION all-wheel drive system with a self-locking Torsen middle differential which gives it 40:60 weight distribution.  To provide the safest possible off-road experience, the VW Amarok is equipped with numerous electronic aids.  The list includes standard features such as Electronic Stability Programme, but also Hill Hold Assist and Hill Descent Control to help you get up and off those hills on all four wheels and in one piece!

The Choice Is Yours

Sheer power, overall performance and driving dynamics aren’t the only areas in which the VW Amarok excels compared to its competition.  As a premium truck, it has a formidable list of standard and optional features, packed in three trim levels: the base Trendline, the mid-line Highline and the newly introduced Aventura.  In its base trim, the VW Amarok has 17” wheels, electric windows, 6.3” touchscreen infotainment system, electric windows, smartphone and USB connectivity, as well as air conditioning. 

Should you decide to upgrade to the Highline trim, you can expect all these features with the addition of 18” wheels, reversing camera, and front and rear parking sensors, as well as heated front seats and leather upholstery.  The top of the line Aventura Amarok gets 19” wheels, a special paintjob, bi-xenon lights, and the Discover Media Navigation satellite navigation system.  Looking at the equipment, the VW Amarok has gone one step ahead of the competition again, offering more amenities and comfort than both Ford and its Japanese competitors.

Blue VW Amarok Pickup from rear on road

In practice, the Volkswagen Amarok has already proven itself as a fantastic addition to the market segment, winning the Tow Car Awards 2017 Best Pick-up award.  The motoring press has hailed its refinement, especially in the safety department where the Amarok has scored the highest grades thanks to its effective braking and stability while towing up to 6,800 lbs.  The Amarok is thus undoubtedly a premium pick-up with a premium driving feel, and premium capabilities as well.  All that comes at the starting price of £32,503**, depending on your budget and preferences.

Yes, the Amarok is more expensive than its competitors, but the price difference is justified because it excels in all areas, starting from power, all the way to off-road and towing capabilities.  A long list of equipment is one of its biggest selling points, especially in higher trim levels, and let’s not forget the design too.  These two factors make the Amarok not only a perfect workhorse, but a comfortable car you’ll enjoy driving even when you’re not using it for towing or hauling. 

Volkswagen has created a truck that is prettier, more attractive and more capable than the competition, while still retaining the Volkswagen identity.  A part of that identity is superior build quality and durability, so you can always be sure that the VW Amarok will never let you down, even in the most difficult situations.

By choosing the Amarok, you’ll get more than you paid for.  The VW Amarok is a well-rounded package that could easily answer even your biggest needs.  If you’re interested in the VW Amarok, make sure to visit your local Swansway Group VW Van Centre, book a test drive and witness the power and good looks of the VW Amarok for yourself!

*Fuel consumption figure is obtained under standardised EU test conditions (Directive 93/116/EEC) and may not be the actual fuel consumption achieved in ‘real world’ driving conditions.

** Price correct as of July 2017

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