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Volkswagen's I.D. Buzz Electric Concept Campervan

Volkswagen's I.D. Buzz Electric Concept Campervan

By Swansway Motor Group 25-04-2018


Meet the I.D. Buzz, the beginning of a new range of all-electric V-Dub's taking the motor industry's breath away!

We know that there will be heart palpitations and snorts of derision coming from the camper purist community at the mere sight of this new Volkswagen T2 all electric concept the I.D Buzz.

However we also know that we’re not alone when we say we love the design, from its space age looks to its subtle hat tips to those gone before.

VW know that the camper has become a cult figure not just in cars or design, but in general society alongside that of the Beetle.



Some may have already stopped reading or not even got past the first image without an Edna Krabappel-style “Haaah!” outburst. But if you are still here, we salute you and now will furnish you with more info on this strange yet attractive concept.

We spoke of hat tips to its grandfather, the split screen T1. Well the all-electric running style means that it has a completely flat floor to house the battery and motors on both the front and rear axles to make it a 4 wheel drive.

Volkswagen T1- The Grandaddy

This ensures the front end keeps a flat face to make room for that iconic V design on the nose. The exterior lines and even the cap hiding the electric recharge entry point look like they have been styled by a T1 loving Dr Spock.

In terms of drive style you can have manual or automatic functionality. The auto drive will see all of the drive modes housed for selection on the steering wheel, which make it easy to switch between modes.

Inside The Ship

Now just like with pig beach, you’re baffled  by the notion of a place, but you want to find out more. So we travel inside the Concept T2.

VW and their design team have gone for the angle of the interior being a moving living room. But with the miasma of glass surrounding you when in the back, we would liken it more to a moving conservatory.

VW I.D. Buzz Interior

Obviously when you look at any concept car, you think technology (apart from the purists who are probably thinking “err sickey err”) you also think of the march of progress.

The T2 is no different and has been absolutely rammed full of tech. For example, if this were a spaceship Buzz Aldrin and the lads could have flown it to the moon and been able to order a Chow Mein via Deliveroo to; 1 Cheese Street, Moontown, The Moon.

Take a look inside the Starship conservatory

Inutituve Responses

So alongside being able to watch films from your conservatory in the back. You will also be able to use intuitive driving and voice control, which will essentially eavesdrop on your conversations and suggest places of interest nearby including eateries, bars, landmarks etc. 

The intuitive drive functionality is part of much more futuristic plans for autonomous vehicles. If the purists were still reading, they definitely aren’t now! As they’ve probably had breakdown at that last statement and are now lying on the chez long with a wet towel on their head!

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Dashboard

When selected from the on-board driving modes, the intuitive drive mode will retract the steering wheel so that it sits flush to the dash. The theory is that you will then go and sit in your interstellar conservatory area, pop your feet up and chuck on an episode of Star Trek, looking out for the I.D Buzz’s designer Mr Spock.

By the way, for those of you who were wondering, pig beach is a holiday destination in the Bahamas where punters and can pay to go swimming with some porkers. 

I Want One!

When the I.D Buzz comes into production, it should have a range of up to 372 miles, do 0-60mph in 5 seconds and will have 374bhp. Volkswagen are also theorising that the production models will be as close to the I.D Buzz as possible.

The only changes to really make it road-worthy would be additions such as wing mirrors, adjustable rear view mirror, bumpers and the small issue of tyres. But as they say, the design will be extremely close to the Buzz.

But if you’re smitten with this electric looker, you’ll have to wait. There’s only one in existence at the moment.

VW are predicting that they will have the new I.D Buzz on sale for 2022. Which is not an I.Deal wait  if you ask us! *crosses arms and sulks*

Buzz me more info!

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