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Volkswagen T-Cross Preview

Volkswagen T-Cross Preview


Volkswagen have recently broken ranks and given us all a teasing glimpse of their brand new SUV, the T-Cross.

The German car giants have stated that they intended to release 12 SUV models from 2016 through to 2020. Five of these models will be released in Europe, the latest of these being the T-Cross.

The T-Cross will enter the VW SUV range below the T-Roc in terms of size, it will essentially be the T-Roc’s, Polo influenced, little brother.

Obviously this latest offering from VW is pre-production at the moment so there’s limited knowledge available in terms of a finished look. But it should heading to showrooms all over Europe for summer 2019, so watch this space.

So what can we expect from the latest vehicle looking to add to our SUV obsession?

What's the VW T-Cross like to look at?

It’s rather hard to tell as VW is keeping its baby SUV under the ubiquitous motor industry camo-wrap, but It’s looking like there’ll be 5 trims in the range, from the Trendline, right through to the range topping R-Line. However, any of the mod cons you could wish for can be added to any of the trim levels.

As much as we’d love the T-Cross to be available in this funky camouflage, unfortunately it is just that, a camouflage designed to not give away any secrets about the motor’s true identity. Much like batman’s mask, Spiderman’s suit or Clark Kent’s glasses, which apparently make him look completely different to Superman.

But we digress. 

Sticking with the exterior, most of the trims come with LED running lights in the front and rear, the base Trendline trim is the only one which doesn’t have LEDs in the front but these could be added as options.

Volkswagen T-Cross with yellow and blue stickers all over the back of it and white stickers on the side saying I am more.

What’s the VW T-Cross like inside?

The T-Cross gets even more interesting inside, it’s clear that VW have done some market research before planning the interior. The boot offers a decent 335L load capacity, but with the addition of a brilliant moveable rear seating bench and even a fold flat front seat you can get up to 1,181L.

So you should have more than enough room for those family holidays and all their necessary tranklements. Or if you fancy having a round of golf followed by a quick surf, before finishing off that large portrait you’ve been working on, you can do the lot! Clever clogs.

There will also be two USB points in the rear console so you can placate that troublesome backseat tribe by hypnotizing and then snaring them with tablets, mobile phones or other electronic hypnotic wizardry.

Volkswagen T-Cross with yellow and blue stickers all over the front of it and white stickers on the side saying I am more.

What's going on in the cockpit?

In terms of the cockpit, we can't show you anything really because this is still something which VW are keeping close to their respective chest in pre-production.

However we can say that Volkswagen have attempted to move away from the more business-like approach they’ve used in the Tiguan, Tiguan Allspace and new Touareg in favour of a more relaxed persona.

Much like the up! Or T-Roc Models, the new T-Cross will feature colour matching detail in the front. However we’re told that there will be a more of a sophisticated approach to the detailing in the T-Cross. So probably think more T-Roc interior than up!

As you would expect from a modern SUV, especially one made by VW, the cockpit will feature a 10” fully digital cockpit display. After all, they have gone for the full 15” display in the new Touareg.

Volkswagen T-Cross with yellow and blue stickers all over the back of it and white stickers on the side saying I am more.

What's the tech like in the new T-Cross

It’s also a pretty safe bet that the touchscreen will benefit from VW’s Car-Net Apps and services. So when you download the Connect App, you’ll be able to do anything from phone people, have texts dictated to reminding you & your friends where the car is parked.

Admittedly, with or without the fancy VW apps, the screen in the new T-Cross’ infotainment system won’t be as impressive as that in the Touareg. But, as we’ve said with the colour details, this has a much more relaxed feel about it than its larger sibling.

“Relaxed” doesn’t mean this system lacks in terms of usability though. Most models will benefit from great tech packages including Sat Nav. So you can have your map up on your central console screen to decrease the time spent not looking at the road.

You could also move the Sat Nav to the digital cockpit screen meaning that it will appear between the dials just behind the steering wheel. So it’s basically up to you where you position your map, not that we’re suggesting you need one! We’re looking at you dad!

Volkswagen T-Cross wading through a large puddle with water spraying up from the sides


Other models throughout the VW range have benefitted from the addition of a Beats package, or trim, too. We expect that this will also be the case with the new T-Cross range. As far as we’re concerned big bass would be a brilliant addition to one of these awesome-looking motors.

The T-Cross will be available in 3 petrol versions and one diesel. The petrol’s will range from 1L through to 1.5L and the diesel is set to be a 1.6L TDi. So whichever trim you choose, there should be enough hiding under the bonnet to pack a decent punch.

There will be those out there that’ll greet the arrival of this latest VW SUV with the exclamation “not another one?!” whilst throwing their hands aloft. Well, unfortunately for you guys, it looks like life’s probably not going to get a lot more SUV-y from this point.

But for the rest of us, we get to revel in the SUV-y goodness of another well-built VW release and if this one is anywhere as good as the T-Roc, Tiguan or Touareg then we’ll be happy as Larry.