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Volkswagen introduces trim changes for electric ID.3 and ID.4 models

Volkswagen introduces trim changes for electric ID.3 and ID.4 models


Volkswagen has revealed a raft of changes for its ID.3 and ID.4 electric models.

Customers are now able to take advantage of more mix-and-match trim levels and options, allowing them to tailor the car to their needs. Previously, trim equipment couldn’t be altered with only wheels and exterior colours there to customise. 

Now, buyers can specify the trim that suits them best before adding specific equipment on top. Volkswagen highlights its augmented-reality head-up display that was previously only available on tip-top specifications, but that can now be added to any grade for an additional cost.

Alongside the specification tweaks, Volkswagen has also renamed City to Life and removed Business and Tech grades. 

As well as this, the firm has cut the cost of the ID.3 Family Pro and Family Pro Performance specifications, meaning that there are now six trims that are eligible for the government’s plug-in car grant. The models stand at £31,140 and £32,460 respectively after the grant has been applied. 

Not only that, but highly equipped Max and top-spec Tour models have had £3,800 lopped off their starting price, with the pair starting from £37,730 and £38,800 respectively. 

Andrew Savvas, director of Volkswagen UK, said: “The battery electric vehicle segment is rapidly evolving and our ID. family of net-carbon-neutral electric vehicles is moving with it. In particular, the ID.3 range is peerless in the breadth of its offering, with several models now available for under £30,000 and different battery options providing a range between 200 and over 300 miles.

“We strive to continue to make e-mobility straightforward and affordable for everyone. These changes to the ID.3 and ID.4 order process, and our pricing update for the ID.3, together demonstrate our commitment to that promise.”

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