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Volkswagen ID.3 v CUPRA Born: How do they compare?

Volkswagen ID.3 v CUPRA Born: How do they compare?


The electric car segment is really starting to hot up. Companies like CUPRA are now getting in on the action, bringing cars like the Born to market.

The electric car segment is really starting to hot up

Companies like CUPRA are now getting in on the action, bringing cars like the Born to market. It shows that even relative newcomers to the car making scene see EVs as the future, but the background help from the wider Volkswagen Group means that CUPRA is better served to succeed than many of its key competitors. 

But it does have an important rival from within the Volkswagen Group - the Volkswagen ID.3. Both the CUPRA Born and the ID.3 share the same platform, but how do they differ and what does each car bring to the table? Let’s take a look. 


CUPRA Born side

Now, as mentioned, both cars here share the same platform, which means that they’ve got largely similar proportions. However, they differ immensely when it comes to design. The ID.3 has been the car to set the tone for the wider ID-badged range of electric cars, a new sub-brand within the overall Volkswagen stable. It’s futuristic, but definitely identifiable as a Volkswagen. 

The Born, meanwhile, takes a slightly more dramatic angle. It’s got loads of classic copper-coloured accents that have become a hallmark of the CUPRA brand, as well as sharp LED headlights which give the whole car a futuristic appearance. 


Volkswagen ID.3 rear

As cutting-edge EVs, it’ll probably come as little surprise that both the ID.3 and CUPRA benefit from some of the latest technology. The Born has a 12-inch infotainment display and a digital dial setup, while in the ID.3 there’s a 10-inch screen. Both cars get full smartphone integration technology, too. 

Both cars centre the vast majority of functions within these screens, meaning that physical buttons are few and far between. 


There are plenty of options when it comes to powertrains in both the ID.3 and Born. The former, for instance, is offered with the option of a 45kWh battery with a 148bhp electric motor or a 58kWh version with a 201bhp electric motor. There’s also a range-topping version with a larger 77kWh battery. 

This is mirrored in the Born, with 45, 58 and 77kWh battery options all available. The smallest battery option is linked to a 148bhp electric motor, while a 228bhp motor is linked to the two more capacious batteries. 


All cars here offer a decent amount of range. The ID.3’s entry-level 45kWh models bring up to 217 miles from a single top-up, while the 58kWh version is capable of returning up to 263 miles from a single charge. Range-topping versions, meanwhile, bring a range of up to 340 miles. 

When it comes to the Born, things are just as good. At present, just the 58kWh and 77kWh versions are available to buy, bringing respective ranges of 256 and 339 miles. 


CUPRA Born front

Being based on the same platform also means that the Born and ID. 3 have the same charging times, which are dependent on the battery and motor combination. Models with the 58kWh battery can charge at up to 100kW, which takes it from five to 80 per cent charge in about 35 minutes. 

Opting for the 77kWh battery sees the charging capacity increased to 135kW, meaning the five to 80 per cent charge takes around the same time, at 36 minutes, despite the bigger battery.


Volkswagen ID.3 front

At the time of writing, Volkswagen is only selling one variant of the ID.3, which is the 58kWh battery with the 201bhp motor in Life trim, which starts at £35,835.

The CUPRA is available in three trims called V1, V2 and V3, with all battery and motor combinations on sale. For the same battery and motor as above, the Born starts at £33,735. The larger battery is available from £34,190 in V2 trim, while the top-spec V3 with the big battery and more powerful motor starts at £37,375.

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