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Volkswagen ID.3 Scoops Carwow's most wanted award at 2019 ceremony

Volkswagen ID.3 Scoops Carwow's most wanted award at 2019 ceremony

By Swansway Motor Group 21-10-2019


The Volkswagen ID.3 has earned its first trophy from the UK’s media, being presented with carwow’s Most Wanted Award at the website’s annual ceremony

Even before the car arrives in the UK, the ID.3 has already won its first accolade, the carwow Most Wanted Award. This aims to recognise the car with most public excitement and anticipation ahead of a launch, and this year few have created as much buzz as the ID.3. The all-new electric Volkswagen will be the first built on the new Volkswagen Group MEB platform, a dedicated all-electric platform that will underpin a range of new EVs from the brand over the next few years.

The award winners were chosen by the in-house team at carwow led by Editorial Director, Mat Watson, who said: "Will the ID.3 be the electric car for the masses? The excitement the car has generated over the past 12 months suggests it just might be. It has consistently been at the top of the most-read news stories on carwow and we can’t wait to drive it."

The ID.3 will be available with three range options, with up to 342 miles (WLTP) possible, while three maximum charging capacities are also offered: 50 kW, 100 kW and 125 kW at a DC power source. The car, as a technology champion for the Volkswagen brand, will be the first to get Volkswagen’s augmented reality head-up display, which uses a module beneath the windscreen to project key data into the driver’s field of vision, appearing to lay instructions over the view of the world outside, and navigation instructions onto the road ahead.

Side view of the Volkswagen ID.3

Another key characteristic of the ID.3 is that it will be completely carbon-neutral at the point of delivery, with no excess carbon dioxide released during the manufacture and logistical processes wherever possible – matching Volkswagen’s commitment to be completely carbon neutral by 2050. Using Volkswagen’s green energy provider, Elli, drivers can continue their ID.3’s carbon neutrality into its working life.

Pre-booking for the ID.3 1ST Edition opened on 8 May 2019, when it was shown to the world in its distinctive pink and blue camouflage. Within 24 hours 10,000 pre-orders had been placed across Europe. The production car made its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, by which time over 30,000 pre-orders had been taken.

Geraldine Ingham, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen UK added: “The ID.3 is a hugely significant car for Volkswagen, and marks the third major chapter in our history after the Beetle and the Golf. We are delighted with the response to the car so far, and we’ve already filled all of our pre-booking slots for the ID.3 1ST Edition in the UK, with a waiting list in place, such is the level of demand. We are working to bring electric cars to the masses and with great range, an affordable price and fun handling promised we aren’t entirely surprised at the reception to the car so far.

“The ID.3 will start production next month and we expect the first cars to arrive with our pre-bookers in the summer next year.”

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