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Volkswagen Golf range bolstered with new high-spec trims

Volkswagen Golf range bolstered with new high-spec trims

By Swansway Motor Group 20-09-2019


Match Edition, GT Edition and R-Line Edition bring extra equipment and value for money.

Volkswagen has given the Golf a shake up with a range of new trim levels designed to bring extra equipment without breaking the bank.

The three new trims are called Match Edition, GT Edition and R-Line Edition and replace Match, GT and R-Line, building on the standard equipment levels they offered. The new trims are £400 more than those they replace but offer the equivalent of £1,910 of additional equipment.

The new kit includes two-way climate control, LED headlights and a winter pack, which includes heated front seats and heated windscreen.

Rear view of a Volkswagen Golf

Dale Piper, Golf product manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “The Edition trim trio further strengthens the Golf’s appeal with a generous package of added equipment, boosting value by over £1,500.

“The Golf already represents a compelling competitive value package, and the Edition trims only go to strengthen this.

“Even though it was launched in 2012, the current, seventh-generation, Golf continues to win comparison tests against newer rivals, and remains our best-selling car by a comfortable margin.”

The new trims follow Volkswagen tradition of offering high-specification Edition variants of its models as they reach the end of their product cycle. The new eighth-generation Golf will be unveiled before the end of the year and go on sale in 2020.

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