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UK must double fast-charging network by 2024, says Government minister

UK must double fast-charging network by 2024, says Government minister


The minister of state for future transport wants UK’s fast-charging network for EVs to be doubled within four years in bid to achieve net-zero carbon goal

A government minister has called for the UK’s EV fast-charging network to be doubled by 2024.

The Government has previously set a goal of banning the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2040, in addition to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. In order to manage this, the minister of state for future transport believes the fast-charging network needs to be stronger.

According to Autocar, George Freeman MP said at the launch of the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce report: “By 2024, I’d like to more than double the number of rapid charge points to over 5000. That would give even more people across the country the chance to drive electric vehicles – and we need to think about a balance between following where the uptake [of electric cars] is and reassuring tomorrow’s purchasers that we’re building for them.”

“It’s clear to me the public want us to grip this coherently. People are prepared to make sacrifices, but they need to know those sacrifices will count towards a bigger global goal.”

Last year, a £400m fund was opened by the Treasury to increase the UK’s charging infrastructure. The first £70m was allocated to launch 3,000 new charging points, and has been funded equally by taxpayers and private investors.

At the time, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “It’s fantastic there is already a rapid charge point at almost every motorway service station, and now more charging stations than petrol stations.

“But I want to see thousands more charge points installed across the UK. This fund will help drum up further investment in charging infrastructure from the private sector, so charging an electric car becomes as easy as plugging in a smartphone.”