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UK drivers save more than £260m on fuel during lockdown

UK drivers save more than £260m on fuel during lockdown


Measures have caused roads to be quieter with fewer people getting behind the wheel.

Lockdown measures have seen British drivers save more than £267m on fuel, according to new figures.

The restrictions - which were first introduced in March - have seen many drivers abandon their daily commutes and stay at home rather than heading out onto the roads.

With all these cars sat stationary, it has meant that many households have been saving money on fuel, despite prices falling since the start of the crisis. Figures from comparison site GoCompare have shown that the average Brit spends an average of 58 minutes a day commuting to and from work, resulting in a total of 200 hours per year.

Because of this, petrol car owners spend £1,042 a year fuelling their car, while those behind the wheel of a diesel spend slightly more at £1,265.

And though only £80.50 of that fuel payment is used towards commuting each year - around 35p per day - the number of cancelled work days because of the coronavirus and the resulting cancelled commutes results in a saving of well over £267 million.

Matt Oliver, motoring expert from GoCompare, said: “Understandably, as cars are used less, we are starting to see an impact on insurance and pricing. There are a few things you can do to reduce costs while your car isn’t in use. If you have a finance agreement for your vehicle, talk to your provider as they should be able to offer you a payment break.

“It will be interesting to see how fuel usage changes once lockdown has lifted. With companies announcing remote working will continue, this will affect the daily commute for thousands of drivers.”