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Top Cars For Back to School

Top Cars For Back to School


Where does your car put you in the playground pecking order? Automotive expert, Cap HPI has revealed the top five list of cars guaranteed to boost the ‘school gate cred’ of UK mums and dads.

Which are the coolest cars for the school run?

Want to be the yummiest of Mummies or the coolest of Dads? Automotive data giant, Cap Hpi, reckons these are the cars to be seen in on the school run:

  1. Jaguar F-Pace
  2. Range Rover Evoque
  3. VW Tiguan
  4. Audi TT
  5. BMW X1

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Are you making your kids cool or cringe?

Automotive expert, CapHPI, has revealed the top five list of cars guaranteed to boost the ‘school gate cred’ of UK mums and dads following a poll amongst its team of specialist motoring editors.

The poll comes ahead of the new school term in September.

Derren Martin, head of current valuations at HPI, said: “With the return to school imminent after the long, hot summer we thought it would be fun to look at some of the makes and models of cars that can give the ultimate feeling of school gate cred.

Our team of editors considered everything from top of the range supercars and concept cars, but eventually decided to keep it real by settling for more realistic and practical vehicles that would really appeal to parents but still have some wow factor.

The Top five list of cars offering the greatest school gate cred is as follows:

1.  Jaguar F-Pace

White Jaguar F-Pace driving towards you at speed

Explore the Jaguar F-Pace

2.  Range Rover Evoque

Bright blue metallic Range Rover Evoque

Explore the Range Rover Evoque

3. Volkswagen Tiguan

White Volkswagen Tiguan parked with an amzing sky

Explore the VW Tiguan

4.  Audi TT

Red Audi TT taking a corner at speed

Explore the Audi TT

5. BMW X1

White BMW X1 driving towards you

Explore used BMW X1

Added Derren:

The Jaguar F-Pace just edged it in our editors’ poll ahead of the Evoque and the Tiguan. With its iconic Jaguar heritage in a popular SUV body style, the F-Pace is sporty and compact yet relatively affordable. The popularity of SUVs shows no sign of letting up and manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to make sure their models turn heads.

The school run can be somewhat of a litmus test for car – they need to be practical, robust and good to drive too. We’ve also picked out 5 more more Cars that we think are just perfect for the School run, pitched in at a variety of different price points to suit all budgets.

Volkswagen T-Roc

The Volkswagen T-Roc is a smartly designed and smartly made compact crossover – and in truth, you’re going to see a fair few crossovers in this list. There’s a reason for that, they give a more commanding, confidence-inspiring driving position without the need for a large SUV.

The T-Roc ticks these boxes, while also offering a robust, edgy looking exterior design alongside bulletproof Volkswagen interior quality. There’s also a range of efficient engines available, meaning that daily trips to school won’t cause fuel bills to spike up.

Blue Volkswagen T-roc driving down the road

Explore the Vokswagen T-Roc

DS 7 Crossback

Sure, you might have been forced into an SUV by the need to accommodate two child seats and a pushchair in the boot. Sure, you may be driving a low-powered diesel vehicle because of its pragmatic approach to fuel economy. But that’s no reason not to stand out from the crowd.

The DS 7 Crossback is one of the most distinctive-looking vehicles on sale today, but it’s simple underpinnings leave nothing to be frightened of. It’s also spacious and practical, with a seriously interesting interior swathed in luxurious materials. With those jewel-like head and tail-lights, everyone will see you coming.

Orange DS7 with hill in the background

Honda Civic Type R

On your first-ever school run, you might be looking to make an impression not only for your child, but also for yourself on the other parents.

Step up the Honda Civic Type R. It has humble groundings in a practical, family hatch, making it great for hauling children and packed lunches — yet brings a whole lot of “LOOK AT ME” with its huge wing, audacious body kit and brash noise. You’re going to be seen in this.

rear view of red Honda Civic Type R

Explore the Honda Civic Type R 


Peugeot 3008

In the past, Peugeot may not have been the cool brand to do the school run in, but that’s changed in recent years.

The French manufacturer has turned itself into a genuinely desirable brand and the 3008 is one of its best offerings. It offers good practicality and seriously cool styling, making it a great option for the school run.

Silver Peugeot 3008

Explore the Peugeot 3008


Jeep Renegade

Looking for something funky to take your kids to school in? Look no further than the Jeep Renegade.

This compact machine brings a cutesy edge to the iconic rugged Jeep aesthetic and offers bags of urban practicality to boot. There are enough gimmicks on board to keep the kids entertained, and you’ll turn a fair few other parents’ heads too.

front view of a blue Jeep Renegade

Explore the Jeep Regegade