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Top 5 Kids' Books Featuring Cars

Top 5 Kids' Books Featuring Cars


It’s National Share a Story Month, the annual celebration of the power of story-telling and story sharing, so we take a look at children's books which feature cars as part of the story.

Best Cars in Children’s Stories

It’s National Share a Story Month, the annual celebration of the power of story-telling and story sharing. We all love a story and it’s well-recognised how important and powerful sharing stories with children can be.

In 2019 the theme is Travelling Tales, which covers every aspect of travel, including spaceships and flying carpets!

Here’s our top 5 children’s books which feature cars:

  • Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets – Ford Anglia
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Wind in The Willows – vintage motor car
  • The Noddy Books
  • Back to the Future - De Lorean

Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets – Ford Anglia

The second book in J K Rowling’s epic Harry Potter series. Poor Harry is home for the Summer holidays where he is promptly locked in his room by the ghastly Dursleys. The kindly house-elf, Dobby, makes his appearance and his fear for Harry’s safety makes him intercept and destroy all communications from Harry’s friends.

That’s when the magical Ford Anglia arrives! The wonderful Weasley brothers rescue harry in blue Ford Anglia, which has been enchanted by their father, Arthur, and which they’ve stolen to rescue Harry and take him back to their home.

When Harry and Ron find Dobby has sealed the entrance to Platform 9 ¾, where they usually catch the Hogwarts Express, they decide to fly themselves to Hogwarts in the enchanted Anglia.

The car begins to stutter and judder just as the boys are reaching Hogwarts and makes its final descent, crashing into the Whomping Willow!

The Ford Anglia wasn’t just magic because it could fly it was enchanted in other ways too; the spell meant car could fit 8 people, 6 trunks, 2 owls and a rat with ease! It could also become invisible by switching on the Invisibility Booster!

What a car! What a book! The most engaging series of stories for boys and girls and if we’re honest, for adults too!

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The story of the magical flying, sailing car, written by Ian Fleming, the James Bond’s creator. Quite different from the film which the book spawned, it introduces us to the eccentric Potts family, Caratacus, Jemima and Jeremy and Caratacus’ madcap inventions.

Truly Scrumptious doesn’t appear in the book as she was an addition to the film version, but don’t let that put you off, it’s a wonderful tale of how an ingenious, but cash poor family restore a run-down car, which has a mind of its own and assists them in the restoration by adding some unexpected additions itself.

The car is a member of the Potts family and comes into its own when the children are kidnapped and the car needs to step up and save the day.

A tale of ingenuity and eccentricity which still delights all who read it.

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Wind in The Willows – vintage motor cars

First published in 1908 The Wind in the Willows, is not quite as whimsical as it might first appear, though the characters are all animals, mole, rat Badger and, of course, Mr Toad of Toad Hall.

Ratty and Moley spend much of their time ‘messing about in boats’ until one day they disembark near the rather grand Toad Hall and meet Mr Toad, who is the wealthy village squire. Toad has many good qualities, being creative, clever and resourceful, however he has plenty of bad ones too, being boastful, vain and self-centred, jumping from one fad to the next which leads to his almost unhealthy obsession in motor cars.

Toads car-obsession sees him crash seven cars, hospitalised three times, with a fortune spent on fines. His friends put him under house arrest in Toad Hall, but he manages to escape, stealing a car, which he then drives with reckless abandon, as ‘poop poop’ echoes across the countryside Mr Toad gets his just deserts and ends up in prison with a 20-year sentence.

Toad escapes dressed as a washerwoman and with the help of his trusty friends he sets out to win back Toad Hall from the Wild-Wooders who have taken it over.

Toad’s exuberance and impetuosity gets him into trouble but his loyal friends help him win the day. A brilliant work from Kenneth Grahame who wrote the book based on the bedtime stories he used to create for his son Alastair.

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The Noddy Books

A whole series of books by Enid Blyton and set in Toyland, with Noddy as the lead character. Big Ears is his friend, mentor and father-figure who has the respect of the goblins and wizards and Mr Plod.

There are characters which recur throughout these charming books, the wise and kind teddy-bear, Tessie bear; Mr Plod, Toyland’s policemen; Bumpy dog, who Noddy rescued when he was injured; Sly and Gobbo the naughty goblins and Master Tubby Bear, the mischievous son of Mr and Mrs Tubby Bear.

All the stories are full of gentle fun with Noddy most often to be seen driving his car around Toyland giving his friends lifts to wherever they need to be. They always know Noddy’s about by the ‘parp parp’ of his car horn and the jingle of the bell on his hat.

Nostalgic children’s stories that will remind some of us of our own childhoods.

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Back to the Future – De Lorean

We all know that originally Back to the Future was a film. It was written by Bob Gale who has gone on to produce a series of graphic novels following the Back to Future adventures and featuring the De Lorean which was so iconic in the films.

Bob Gale produced a series of 10 graphic novels following Marty, Dr Emmett Brown and their trusty De Lorean time machine.

Perfect for pre-teens and teens who loved the films and don’t want to give up on the flux capacitor just yet, these graphic novels are beautifully illustrated and full of Bob Gale’s wonderful imagination. Read one and you’ll want the set!

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