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Third of drivers sacrificing gifts to afford car repairs

Third of drivers sacrificing gifts to afford car repairs


Some motorists have had to drop holidays to pay for car repairs

Motorists at Christmas are having to sacrifice festive presents in order to pay for car repairs, a new survey has revealed.

Fresh data revealed that a third of drivers have had to either cut back on the number of presents, while this number rises to 44 per cent for those drivers aged 18 to 24.

Many struggled to put money aside to cover unexpected bills, with 22 per cent of those spoken to saying that they didn’t have enough savings or disposable income to pay for repair costs. Of those that couldn’t afford the bill, a third borrowed cash from a friend or relative while 52 per cent used a credit card. Another three per cent had to sell another possession instead.

Martin Barber from Halfords Autocentres, who conducted the survey of 2,000 drivers, said: “Getting an unexpected car repair bill is an unwelcome surprise at the best of times, but we were shocked at how many drivers are putting off repairing their car or sacrificing Christmas spending to afford essential repair work.”

Almost a third admitted to delaying repairs due to fears about the cost, while 16 per cent said that they have broken down because they couldn’t afford to fix their cars. Another 25 per cent have had to sell or scrap a car because they weren’t able to repair it.


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