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The winners from the World Car of the Year Awards 2021

The winners from the World Car of the Year Awards 2021


The world’s best cars of 2021 have been named in five categories – here they are.

Here are all the winners from the World Car of the Year Awards

The world’s best cars of 2021 have been named in five categories – here they are.

The car industry has seen some challenges in the past 12 months, but it has also produced some real gems. 

The World Car of the Year Awards celebrates the best of the best, and choosing between them were 93 motoring journalists from all around the globe.

Here are the winners in all five categories.

World Car of the Year – Volkswagen ID.4

volkswagen id 4

Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen’s ‘Dieselgate’ scandal must seem like a distant memory as the German brand lifts the ultimate honour. 

The electric ID.4 SUV is the second model in the EV ID range and is the perfect car for the market right now. A true innovator and a great package.

It’s a deserved winner of the prestigious World Car of the Year title, having scored highly for its market significance, environmental impact and clever features.

World Luxury Car – Mercedes-Benz S-Class

mercedes s class

Over almost 50 years and eight generations, the S-Class has led the way in the luxury market thanks to its opulent interiors, menacing presence, leading technology features and wonderful build quality. 

The latest model is no different, scoring especially well for its safety features – no surprise given the fact that this car acts as the brand’s technology pioneer, boasting the latest and greatest driver assistance features and semi-autonomous driving abilities.

It’s also still a marvellous luxury car, too.

World Performance Car – Porsche 911 Turbo

porsche 911 turbo

Every time a new 911 comes along it tends to fill up Porsche’s trophy cabinet, such is the model’s driver appeal and iconic image.

The rear-engined 911 Turbo has long been the standard-bearer in the sports car segment, and the latest model has explosive performance and hugely impressive handling.

Unsurprisingly, judges rated it highly for performance, but the quality, technology, styling and incredible handling also propelled it to the top of the class.

World Urban Car – Honda e

honda e

Honda e

It’s incredible how a car that aped the look of the original Honda Civic could capture the world’s imagination, but the retro-look Honda e stole the show when it debuted as a concept at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Four years on, the production model is a worthy winner of the World Urban Car awards, with that funky styling concealing some amazing EV technology. 

It has a pretty short electric range of up to 137 miles, granted, but with its dinky dimensions it was only really designed to be used in a city environment, and that’s where it excels. Its funky styling and futuristic interior won judges over, comfortably beating the excellent Toyota Yaris to the title of World Urban Car.

World Car Design of the Year – Land Rover Defender

land rover defender

Land Rover Defender

Replacing the iconic Defender was always going to be a difficult task, but Land Rover absolutely nailed the design of the new model – especially in the more basic utility versions with their white steel wheels. 

It’s different to the original, but the lineage is unmistakable and it’s a worthy wearer of the Defender name.

It’s not all about show, though. The new Defender is still the most capable production off-roader on the market, but what’s even more impressive is that its on-road manners are also fantastic.

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