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The jobs that are punished by high car insurance premiums

The jobs that are punished by high car insurance premiums


Some jobs result in higher premiums than others – and it’s not always obvious which make the list

Paying for car insurance is one of motorists’ annoying necessities, but you might not have realised how much your job can affect your premium.

In fact, your profession could see you paying up to eight times more than someone in an identical situation but with a different job, depending on the risk associated with what you both do for a living.

New figures released by price comparison site Money Supermarket found that footballers pay the most on average at £1,978.

They are followed by a more generic term of ‘sportsperson’, who pay an average of £1,511, followed by fast food delivery drivers (£1,291), scrap dealers (£1,286) and apprentices (£1,243).

While some of these make sense – for example, footballers tend to own fast cars while delivery drivers rack up plenty of miles – others aren’t so obvious. For example, high on the list are car wash attendants (£1,237) and town clerks (£1,124).

Rachel Walt of Money Supermarket explained that this is because insurance companies hold claim data on every profession on their books and can tell which tend to make the most claims.

Walt said: “Insurance companies keep massive amounts of information on claims they’ve paid in the past, which then influences the way they calculate a premium. As a result, some professions are seen as more of a risk.”