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The best motoring events to attend this summer

The best motoring events to attend this summer


The summer is the best time to go for a road trip, and as such, it’s also a great opportunity to take in some petrolhead-centric events up and down the country.

Being a country fully engrossed in a passion for cars, events for enthusiasts take place all year round. With that said, even the nicest collection of cars can look a little drab on a miserable December day, so a majority of the best events are held during the summer months.

If you’re short of plans for the holidays, here are some of the best events for motoring enthusiasts happening this summer.

British Grand Prix: 12 – 14 July

The British Grand Prix has long been renowned as one of the best Formula One races to attend, and the early stages of the 2019 season suggest that it could be a very good race.

If you are yet to attend the event you should definitely go this year; it is not guaranteed a place on the calendar in 2020 due to on-going contract discussions between Silverstone and the sport itself, thus it could be the final British Grand Prix for some time.

London Motor & Tech Show:  16 – 19 May

Aiming to bring the motor show back in the United Kingdom, the London Motor & Tech show will be a great gathering for car enthusiasts.

London Motor Show

With a live arena, a live stage promising to host motoring personalities from across the community, and three huge halls of the ExCel filled with cars of all types, the show looks to be picking up steam for 2019.

Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia: 15 – 16 June

Shelsley Walsh is one of the best-known and most historic motorsport venues in the country, so the fact that one of its biggest events aims to provide motorsport nostalgia by the bucket load seems fitting.

Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia

This year, rallying from the 1980s Group B up to the present day is set to be the focal point of the event, so if you like your cars sideways and driven by all four wheels, this could be a great weekend out.

Goodwood Breakfast Club (Supercar Sunday): 2 June

Held at the famous Goodwood circuit, the recurring Breakfast Club events are a must for car enthusiasts, with a different theme leading the way every time during the year.

Goodwood Breakfast Club

The ever-popular Supercar Sunday edition sees fabulous high-performance machines parked against the superb backdrop offered by the retro racing venue.


Goodwood Festival of Speed: 4 – 7 July

From the circuit to the Duke of Richmond’s nearby driveway, the annual Festival of Speed event is now a global converging point for the world’s major manufacturers, racing teams and leading drivers.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

This year’s theme – “Speed Kings – Motorsport’s record breakers” – promises a look at some of the fastest cars in the world; as ever, it’s an event you’d be wise not to miss.

Bicester Heritage Super Scramble: 23 June

Following on from the ever more popular Sunday Scramble events that see cars of all eras on display to the public, Bicester Heritage will host a ‘Super Scramble’ in June.

This event will see the well-preserved parts of the former Royal Air Force technical site play hosts to invited, period-correct vehicles only, thus providing a time warp experience.

Isle of Man TT: 25 May – 7 June

For over 100 years, the Isle of Man TT has been the ultimate duel between the fastest and bravest motorcyclists on earth.

The event is unique not only for the sheer speed attained on a circuit made up entirely of public roads, but also because these roads become open once the racing activities of any given day have ceased.

Isle of Man TT

This helps make the event a popular annual pilgrimage for motorcyclists and enthusiasts alike.

MotoFest Coventry: 1 – 2 June

A rare opportunity to see road and race cars alike pushed to their limits on British roads, the MotoFest Coventry will return in 2019.

MotoFest Coventry

The event’s aim is to create the Edinburgh Festival of motoring, which it achieves by inviting the best of motoring’s past, present and future to exhibit and put on a show for the public.

Concours of Elegance: 6 – 8 September

The annual Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace sees some of the world’s most valuable and sought-after vehicles set against a truly unique backdrop.

Concours of Elegance

The event is truly an elite affair, with the distinguished owners of the main feature cars voting among themselves to declare the ‘best of show’.

If you like garden parties and cars, this is the event for you.

CarFest: 26 – 28 July (North), 23 – 25 August (South)

Combining the worlds of motoring events and music festivals, the Chris Evans-fronted festival is now an established part of the UK events calendar.


Two events are held in Cheshire and Hampshire each year, with music, live action and countless iconic cars on tap at both venues.