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The 10 best electric cars on sale today

The 10 best electric cars on sale today


We’ve put together some of the ideal all-electric cars currently on sale.

The rise of the electric car can’t be underestimated. Each manufacturer is rushing their own plug-in car to market, and demand for these new models is increasing by the hour.

But which ones are best? We’ve put together some of the ideal all-electric cars currently on sale.

Hyundai Kona Electric

 Hyundai has changed the game with its new Kona Electric. Capable of travelling up to 279 miles on a single charge, it’s got one of the most impressive ranges of any new electric car available. And as a result of its basis on the regular Kona, it brings funky styling and plenty of in-car technology too.

Red Hyundai Konda Electric driving on a road

It’s all put together in a compact package too, which means that it’s just as well suited to urban driving as it is to longer distance motoring.

Jaguar I-Pace

The British firm has struggled in recent years as the diesel crisis hit shortly after it invested heavily in the fuel. Fortunately, its bet on an all-electric SUV has paid off, with customers queuing up to buy one.

Red Jaguar I-Pace

It’s easy to see why - the I-Pace is fast when you want it to be but a comfortable cruiser when you want to relax. It’s far from cheap at £64,495, but that’s good value compared with the Tesla Model X, its biggest rival, and with almost 300 miles of range, recharging should be a rare occurrence.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s Leaf is often one of the first cars that springs to mind when you think of electric vehicles. It was, after all, one of the very first all-electric cars to become popular, and has gone on to retain a lot of this popularity as the years have gone by.

Nissan Leaf

These days the Leaf can still hold its own. It’ll crack 239 miles on a single charge, and is spacious and comfortable too.

BMW i3s

BMW has taken time to refine its i3 all-electric city car, ditching its petrol range extender thanks to better range. The firm has also added this - the i3s - which gives the car a little added performance.

Red BMW i3s driving on a road

It comes with a tuned stability system and a slightly more dynamic look - but still encapsulates all the good qualities of the regular i3 too.

Kia e-Niro

Ever since journalists first got behind the wheel of the e-Niro, they’ve praised the crossover for being good to drive and offering a battery capacity that can consign range anxiety to the past.

Side view of the Kia e-Niro

However, unfortunately the e-Niro has been a victim of its own success. Kia hasn’t been able to source batteries quickly enough to meet demand for the car, so wait times are now up to about 12 months.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is that the Ioniq Electric is a mighty appealing electric car. It’s practical, good to drive and surprisingly quick, too. The interior feels a little on the cheap side, but it’s far from disappointing.

Rear view of Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The bad news, though, is that Hyundai is hit by the same battery shortage as Kia, so wait times can be up to a year. So if you want one, you’re going to have to wait.

Audi E-tron

Audi may be one of the largest carmakers around, but it’s actually been relatively late when it comes to an all-electric model. However this - the E-Tron - is its first model, bringing a premium look and feel as well as impressive electric technology.

Blue Audi E-tron

Audi claims that it’ll do 248 miles on a single charge, but also provide plenty of space and practicality while it does so.

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe offers one of the cheapest entry points to EV ownership, but don’t mistake that for meaning it’s a cheap and cheerful offering that should be avoided – the Zoe is a great little supermini.

Renault Zoe driving down a street

Opt for the big battery version and you get 186 miles of range, so most inner-city commuters will only have to charge it once or twice a week. Prices start at just over £17,000 with the plug-in grant.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla could be classed as one of the founding fathers of the electric car. The Model 3, its saloon car, has arguably been one of its most successful. But for many, it was just a touch too expensive and a little out of reach.

Side view of a Tesla Model 3

That's where the new Model 3 chimes in. It's designed to be a bit more affordable, but still capable of delivering plenty of range and high technology levels too.

Volkswagen e-Golf

If you’re looking for a safe bet when it comes to your electric vehicle purchase, you really can’t go wrong with the Volkswagen e-Golf. It brings the build quality and dependability you’d expect from one of the UK’s best-selling models, and simply adds an electric powertrain.

It can travel up to 144 miles before the batteries need topping up, and while that’s far from the best in the segment, it’s perfectly acceptable for the typical commuter. With plug-in car grant applied, prices hover around the £30,000 mark.

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