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Alternative Mother’s Day gifts for a mum who is just as keen on motors as she is on flowers

Alternative Mother’s Day gifts for a mum who is just as keen on motors as she is on flowers


Looking for an alternative Mother’s Day gift? Take a look at Swansway Group’s suggestions for a motor-mad mum. Get shopping now and make your mum’s day!

For those of you who don’t know (and you’re treading a fine line if you don’t), Mother’s Day falls on 26th of March this year

Regardless of the overpriced bouquets of flowers and extortionate spa days, it’s a time when you get to show your mother, or anyone who has been like a mother to you, just how much you appreciate her. To be honest, no one would begrudge spending a small fortune on any mum, without whom we simply wouldn’t exist.

But not every mum likes gifts of chocolates or perfume which, though lovely, are quite predictable. So, if you’re looking for something a bit different to gift your mum this Mother’s Day, you’ve come to the right place.

At Swansway Group we see motor-mad mums quite regularly and we know that they might like something out of the ordinary as a gift from their husbands, children and others in their care. We’ve had our eye on some rather special motherly treats that we think might just hit the spot:

Yankee Candle Car Air Freshener: from £2.49

It’s a fact that most mums love candles. They look pretty, smell fantastic and soothe the mood. So why not extend that feel good aroma to your mum’s car? Yankee Candles provide a range of air fresheners in many well-loved themes to keep your mum and her car smelling like roses, clean cotton, vanilla - or even garden sweet pea - on the longest of journeys.

Land Rover Experience: POA

All mums love a challenge - it comes with the job! If your mum likes her challenges in the form of four wheels, why not take her for an off-road treat in the form of a Land Rover Driving Experience? Enquire about a taster session, full day or half day and let your mum loose at the wheel!

IMO Car Wash Vouchers: from £12.00

If you’re too busy to offer to clean your mum’s motoring pride and joy, let the professionals take control at a car wash. These top wash vouchers will not only ensure that her car gets the treatment it needs but also free you up to spend quality time with your dear old mum.

Mum Key Rack: from £19.99

Make sure your mum never has to hunt down anyone’s car keys again with this handy personalised key rack. She’ll also be able to tell who’s home and who’s not at a single glance - keeping track of your every move!

Pink Steering Wheel Cover: from £11.50

Just because your mum likes her car doesn’t mean that she can’t think pink! If she takes pride in her car looking good then treat your mum to this pretty but functional Steering Wheel Cover. It’ll protect her hands as well as her steering wheel, and comes with coordinating seat belt pads.

AA Breakdown Cover: from £35 a year

If you really love your motoring mum, probably the best gift will be one that keeps her safe on the roads in case her car lets her down. When your manufacturer breakdown cover has expired, show your mum that you care by extending her cover with a nationwide provider and give the rest of the family a bit of peace of mind knowing that she’s in good hands, wherever she drives.

Car Earrings: from £12.00

What would Mother’s Day be without a bit of bling? How about some earrings to let your mum know that you love and appreciate her, as well as all of those taxi rides that she gives you? In the shape of a car, of course!

Interflora CARnations: from £33

The traditionalists out there will no doubt have already booked their mum’s bouquet. If you’ve not got that far but would like to spoil your mum with a beautiful hand-tied bunch of CARnations (see what we did there?) there’s still plenty of time to arrange delivery.

A New Car From Swansway

If your mum’s extra special (and whose mum isn’t) we know that you’d love to give her the gift that every petrolhead mum would adore - a car! New or used, we’ve got plenty that will suit her at Swansway Group. Then cross your fingers and hope that she doesn’t realise that it’s so that she can get round to your house to do your washing!

If you’re spoiling your mum, or someone who has been like a mum to you, this Mother’s Day make sure you let them know how much you love them. After all, where would we be without our dear old mums? Don’t forget to pop down to your local Swansway Group dealership to take a look at all of the potential gifts on offer. You know she’s worth it! 

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