Stoke Audi Star Scholars

There’s a saying, “you never stop learning in life” and the hard working team at Stoke Audi are proving just that, with their hard work and determination to acquire full Audi accreditation across all areas of the business.

Make no mistake, receiving brand accreditation is truly hard work and required a huge investment in time from each one of the candidates. Classroom and online learning goes hand in hand with extensive factory training, all fully funded and supported by Swansway Motor Group, the family owned business which owns and operates Stoke Audi.

Very proud Stoke Audi, Head of Business, Phil Jones commented,

These guys have worked hard to achieve this and the great thing is our customers benefit; the technicians who work on their cars have been through a vigorous programme and examinations to pass Audi Accreditation as have those who’ve been accredited on the sales and parts areas of the business.

It reaffirms our caring, honest and proud commitment to our staff and to our customers.

We still have another four team members who will pass through the programme by the end of March 2017.