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SEAT Simplifies Car-buying Process

SEAT Simplifies Car-buying Process


SEAT has designed a system to take the stress out of buying a car by presenting the customer with just three simple decisions.

SEAT leads the way with simplfied Car-buying

SEAT has introduced a three-step online car-buying process across its range.

The Easy Move system is designed to make buying a car as simple as possible. The customer simply chooses a model, trim level and colour on the brand’s website and everything else is done for them.

Every trim level has a different selection of equipment and is labelled with a tag, such as tech, luxury or sport. To make the system even more appealing, metallic paint is being offered free on every car.

White SEAT Mii taking a bend

Seat tried out the system earlier this year when it launched the Arona and said it found both customers and dealerships were impressed. The brand believes that this sort of thinking is one of the main reasons it has been successful in improving its half-year sales by 225 in a declining market.

Richard Harrison, director of SEAT UK, said: “Everyone used to think that having loads of choice was a good thing, but in fact people find it really difficult to understand all the permutations and options when buying a new car. We realised it was time for a change and that if we can help people get to what they want in an easier way, then they’ll enjoy the experience more.

“We’ve built Easy Move by looking at what options customers want and then bundling them into neat packages that are really logical and thus easy to understand. We talked with the dealerships about their experiences selling Arona using Easy Move and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

“When you add on the industry complexity of WLTP – where individual factory options could change the CO2 output of the car – and you look at where consumer trends are going, it makes complete sense. I would be surprised if we didn’t see a number of competitors following SEAT’s lead.”

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