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SEAT is the First Brand in the UK to Have Amazon Alexa in its Cars

SEAT is the First Brand in the UK to Have Amazon Alexa in its Cars


Amazon’s popular assistant has started making its way into the Spanish firm’s cars via its Android Media Control app.

UK First for SEAT

SEAT is the first manufacturer in the UK to invite the Amazon Alexa tech in. It will be rolled out in a selection of SEAT’s 2019 model year cars; Alexa will be accessible via the SEAT Media Control with the Amazon Alexa app available on Android devices.

Drivers of a new SEAT Leon or Ateca, fitted with navigation, will then be able to link their phone to the car and use Alexa for a number of functions, including; managing schedules, changing music, controlling the navigation and even getting information on points of interest. Alexa will be called upon, just by using the voice control button mounted on the steering wheel.

Tech-giant Amazon first introduced Alexa in 2014 via its Echo range of home devices. It’s since become a catch-all term for all voice assistants, much like Hoover is to vacuum cleaners.

When utilised at home, it can be used to control temperatures, lighting and a range of other electronic devices, there’s the potential for you to have your house all lit up and warm via your car, ready for when you walk through the front door.

Across the globe, a number of manufacturers already have Alexa in their vehicles. BMW began introducing the tech in the USA for both its own offerings and for their Mini brand, while SEAT has offered the tech across Europe since late 2017.

Red SEAT Ateca driving over a red bridge