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SEAT Digital Cockpit

SEAT Digital Cockpit


SEAT introduces 10.25-inch digital display to instrument cluster to Ibiza hatchback and Arona compact SUV, as seen already on the Leon and Ateca

Seat’s immersive Digital Cockpit technology has arrived on two more of its models in the UK — the Ibiza and Arona.

Digital Cockpit replaces traditional instrument cluster dials and gauges with a 10.25-inch TFT display, showcasing key information that may otherwise require the driver to take their eyes off the road to view.

SEAT Digital Cockpit for Arona and Ibiza

Now available for no extra cost on Xcellence Lux and FR Sport versions of the Arona compact SUV and Ibiza hatchback, the technology has been offered on the Leon and Ateca since January.

What is SEAT's Digital Cockpit?

Digital Cockpit offers three selectable displays — Classic, Digital and Dynamic View. Classic shows the basics such as speed and revs alongside satellite navigation and assistance tech information.

Digital also shows satellite navigation information but in much greater detail. The map can be zoomed in and out, giving the driver a better idea of what’s around them while also making it easy to locate parking facilities, and even navigate trickier directions.

Dynamic focuses on the assistance technology fitted to the car, giving advanced information on lane assist, blind spot detection and vehicle status information — as well as delivering turn-by-turn navigation instructions.

In all views, information such as fuel consumption, distance driven, and total mileage are all available — while drivers can scroll through their music library, making it easy to change the radio station on the fly.

SEAT Ibiza interior including dashboard and digital cockpit

Prices for the Ibiza with Digital Cockpit begin at £17,235 while it can be had on Arona models from £22,620.

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