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SEAT creates special Ibiza with built-in nightclub

SEAT creates special Ibiza with built-in nightclub


The compact model has been fully kitted out as a miniature nightclub.

Bringing the nightclub spirit into the SEAT Ibiza

SEAT has attempted to capture some of the Ibiza nightclub spirit in its smallest supermini. 


The special one-off version of the firm’s most compact model has been fully kitted out as a miniature nightclub, complete with DJ decks that are run from the car’s USB-C system. The audio is played through the Ibiza’s powerful Beats sound system, while the current track can be displayed on the car’s central screen. 


To complement the Ibiza’s standard-fit ambient lighting, extra strobe and LED lighting have been fitted to boost the night-out feel. In the boot, there’s a full mocktail bar with everything required to make drinks, too. 


It was given its opening night on the Brighton Seafront, with guests required to queue at a specially-made red carpet leading up to the Ibiza nightclub. 


Behind the decks was DJ and TV reality star Woody Cook, who said: “It may not be the largest crowd I’ve ever seen, but the ability to DJ in any location at any time means the possibilities are endless! From Brighton Beach to the Scottish Highlands, the only limiting factor is your imagination.


“Having a car is one of the most liberating experiences to begin with and having it kitted with such an awesome setup brings the musical experience to that same level of freedom and expression. Ibiza has never been so portable!”

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