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Safest cars tested in 2020

Safest cars tested in 2020


The latest data for 2020 has just been released, so let’s take a look at the nine cars which topped the bill this year.

Every year, Euro NCAP releases data based on crash tests which assess just how safe new cars are. As well as looking at occupant safety, the tests also check how driver assistance systems on each car help to reduce the severity of an impact. 

The latest data for 2020 has just been released, so let’s take a look at the nine cars which topped the bill this year. 

audi a3 safety test

Audi A3

Audi’s new A3 scored impressively well in the crash tests, with Euro NCAP highlighting how well it protected people of various sizes from serious injuries. Its emergency braking system - which can apply the brakes following a crash - was also praised. 

Its only real negative was that the A3 could cause higher damage to other vehicles in the event of a crash. 

seat leon safety test


It’s little wonder that the Leon is also rated in the same bracket as the Audi A3, since the pair share the same platform underneath. That said, it did slightly better when it came to adult occupant protection. 

It too received a small penalty as a result of the increased damage it could cause other vehicles, but it was an otherwise solid score for the Leon. 

volkswagen id 3 safety test

Volkswagen I.D 3

Volkswagen’s latest electric vehicle - the I.D 3 - also underwent full crash testing this year. While performing well when it comes to preventing injuries to passengers, it also scored highly for its ability to not cause excessive damage to the crash barrier, indicating that it won’t cause too much damage to other vehicles in an impact.

A key negative, however, was that the dummy sat inside moved too far across when the vehicle was subjected to a side impact test. 

toyota yaris safety test

Toyota Yaris

Despite being quite compact the Yaris did very well, scoring maximum points for protecting critical body parts when subjected to the side impact test. Its clear information on the front airbag system - which can be disabled for rear-facing child seats - was also praised. 

However, a tricky-to-understand manual did mean it failed on the installation check for some child restraints. 

safety test honda jazz

Honda Jazz

Honda has a strong reputation for building safe cars and that has certainly been the case with the latest Jazz. It did well thanks to a stable passenger compartment, which coped well in the offset frontal tests. 

Overall passenger protection was rated well, though a weaker rating was given with regards to protection for the driver’s chest. 

mazda mx-30 safety test

Mazda MX-30

Another electric car to be tested, the MX-30 returned top marks having done particularly well when it comes to adult occupant protection - returning a 91 per cent score in this area. 

Euro NCAP’s report also says that the MX-30’s protection of passengers was strong, but this was contrasted by its lack of an advanced emergency call system or post-collision braking. 

land rover defender safety test

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover’s new Defender is doing well across the board, having been well received by critics and now highly rated by Euro NCAP. It scored top marks, in fact, though was penalised for chest protection of rear passengers during a full-width rigid wall test.

It was also categorised as an ‘aggressive’ partner to other cars in the event of a collision. 

kia sorento safety test

Kia Sorento 

Another large SUV to score five stars, Kia’s new Sorento might not have stood out in any particular area, but did well overall. It was praised highly in areas such as its central airbag, whiplash protection and driver assistance systems.

However, it was penalised for the protection it offered for the driver’s chest and right femur. 

isuzu d-max safety test

Isuzu D-Max

A pick-up truck isn’t a common sight on these lists, but Isuzu has managed to do it with the D-Max. In fact, even Euro NCAP said that the D-Max scored top marks despite ‘competing in a segment that is not famous for highlighting safety’. 

Though penalised for how it reacts to other cars in a crash, it did score highly for overall occupant protection during an impact. 

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