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Royal Wedding Carriage

Royal Wedding Carriage


As we are heading into another royal wedding week, everyone is starting to get some degree of wedding fever.

Prince Harry and Meghan are, no doubt, completely over their nerves by now... I mean it’s not a huge deal is it really? Just thousands lining the streets and billions watching across the world.

We’ve had months of columnists, TV presenters, celebrities, “experts”, philosophers, insiders, outsiders and even Alan down the pub speculating as to how the day is going to pan out.

All of the questions are being dropped into standard conversation for example: “Who will she be wearing?” “I wonder what flowers they will have.” “Do you think there will be a colour scheme?” “What colour will the Queen wear?” “Will they have a wedding car?”

Well we can’t hope to answer all of those quandaries for the happy couple, but we can at least help by running through options for the royal carriage!

There’s been much speculation in the press hinting that the public would like to see the happy couple start their journey into wedded bliss in a British made motor. However there’s also a growing minority willing to bet that they ride off into the sunset in a half British half American style car, which doesn’t even exist.

We, on the other hand, think that they could do a lot worse than any of these options!  

Option 1

Range Rover:

Becoming an increasingly popular choice of wedding car at the moment, the Range Rover is available in white and they look absolutely knockout in any weather, which is useful in Britain.

Now we don’t know anything about Meghan’s dress at the moment. But even if she were to go for a train the length of St George’s Chapel, the Range’s roomy interior and raised chassis would be extremely dress friendly.

So it’s nice and spacious, easy on the eye, available in white and ticks that made in the UK box; a pretty good start we’d say!

Option 2

Bentley MK VI:

Another strong option from the conveyor belts of UK is the absolute classic… Bentley MK VI.

Since the dawn of time the MK VI has adorned and elevated the forecourt of many a UK wedding venue. So much so that there are ancient cave drawings in which early man can be clearly seen pulling up to a local meeting space in a crude early replica, ready to start their new lives in Stone Age matrimony.

Obviously available in white its classic design is guaranteed to turn heads, not that Harry and Meghan will need to draw attention to themselves…

Oh and it will keep you safe from dinosaurs apparently; so that’s a plus!

Option 3

Rolls Royce Phantom:

The Rolls Royce Phantom is another option which has stood the test of time. From 1925 through to now it has been the epitome of sophistication and ceremony; pretty much everything Britain stands for then!

We know Harry has spent some time in war torn countries doing his bit for the crown, but we’re not so sure he’s that much of a stranger to caviar and champagne. The Rolls Royce Phantom is the caviar & champagne of the car world.

Option 4

1947 Cadillac:

We know, we know we can practically hear you screaming… “But what about an American car!?” and we get it.

It certainly would be remiss of us to not count a genuine classic from across the pond like the 1947 Cadillac. This awesome machine would have Meghan feeling right at home. It may also be quite serendipidous seeing as though 1947 was the year Harry's grandmother (Queen Elizabeth II) married Prince Philip. 

Plus if money is no option (which we’re assuming it isn’t) then the newlyweds could plump for the horse-drawn carriage-esque cabriolet version. That would also allow the masses to get a good butchers at the happy couple, before they head back to freshen up before the buffet and disco at the night do.

Can you imagine that rendition of New York, New York…

Option 5

VW Camper:

Now, hear us out, Young Prince Henry has been known to fly in the face of house rules from time to time. So if he were thinking of going slightly off piste, then the VW Camper is ideal!

Much like the Range Rover there’s a comfy interior with plenty of space for any dress, so that’s the blushing bride sorted.

Plus who could resist the front end of a classic V-Dub camper, it practically looks like it’s smiling for you!

Okay so maybe the camper is out of the question, or maybe all of these are out of the question as the newlyweds will probably end up being picked and whisked off in a beautiful horse drawn carriage.

But if they were looking for a different kind of horse power, then we feel like we have them well covered here!