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Research reveals the most dangerous places in the country to own a car

Research reveals the most dangerous places in the country to own a car


London takes the top spot when combining accident and vehicle offence rates, with North Wales the least dangerous region

It’s no secret that parking your car in a big city is a riskier move than parking it in the depths of the countryside – but how much more dangerous is it? Insurance comparison site Quote Zone has collected data together to find out, merging rates of both car accidents and vehicular crime.

The insurer calculated ratings by splitting the country by police force, dividing the population of each region by 1,000 and dividing that amount by the number of accidents or vehicle offences.

It defined vehicle offences as any crime involving a vehicle – theft of, vandalism, and everything in between.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top spot was taken by the City of London. When road accidents and vehicle offences were combined, the overall rating was 97.86 – a massive increase over the second place, taken by Police Scotland with an index of 28.17.

However, these two areas should perhaps not be taken too literally. The City of London is a tiny area with a population of just 9,000, yet has a daily influx of around 40,000 commuters – while Police Scotland covers the entirety of Scotland with its 5.37 million inhabitants.

Stepping down the rankings sees the London Metropolitan Police force dealing with the third-highest level of danger, with an index of 19.76, followed by West Midlands Police, Bedfordshire, and Warwickshire.

South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Cambridgeshire round off the top 10 most dangerous places to own a car.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the charts, the safest place in the UK to own a car was North Wales – with a danger index of just 7.29. Wales is considered overall very safe, with Dyfed-Powys and Gwent taking second and fourth safest places respectively, while the most dangerous region – South Wales – was still the 12th safest, with a danger index of 10.25.