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Red Bull Takes its F1 Car on a US Road-trip

Red Bull Takes its F1 Car on a US Road-trip

By Swansway Motor Group 03-08-2018


While the FI circus is on a Summer break Daniel Ricciardo took the 2011 Red Bull F1 car on an iconic road trip to San Francisco, Monument Valley and Las Vegas

The ultimate US road-trip!

With a second United States Formula One Grand Prix being discussed among the sport’s hierarchy, and the championship in the midst of a Summer break, Red Bull decided to make the most of this holiday by taking its 2011 world championship winning car on an iconic American road trip.Red Bull F1 car driving through the desertIn a new video, featuring race winner, Daniel Ricciardo, in the hot seat, the Red Bull RB7 F1 car is shown driving across the US, starting with the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

Ricciardo says that he feels like Steve McQueen as he slides the car through the streets made famous in Bullitt, before making a ‘pitstop’ on San Francisco’s other crossing of the bay, the eponymously-named Bay Bridge.

On to Monument Valley, Utah, the second destination for the film and the F1 car overtakes an RV heading to the next destination, Las Vegas, Nevada. Here we see an F1 car with lights for the first time as Ricciardo takes on the Strip at night.Red bull F! car side on driving through the desertOne encounter with Elvis and Ricciardo pulls up to hit the casinos, asking his team if he can have a late start the next day.

This is just the first 1,339 miles of a 4,187-mile trip. A video covering the second part of this adventure arrives soon.

Red Bull F1 Van in a casino



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