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Pick-up Comparison: VW Amarok Nissan Navara Fiat Fullback Ford Ranger

Pick-up Comparison: VW Amarok Nissan Navara Fiat Fullback Ford Ranger


When it comes to practicality, it’s hard to beat a pick-up truck. We compare the VW Amarok, Nissan Navara, Fiat Fullback and Ford Ranger. Come and take a look!

Pick-Ups Comparison

When it comes to practicality,
it's hard to beat a pick-up truck.

Which is the Best Pick-up Truck?

We compare the VW Amarok, Nissan Navara,
Fiat Fullback and Ford Ranger.

Come and take a look!

Pick-up trucks? They're as American as apple pie, hot dogs and football with strange shaped balls, right? Not entirely.

Pick-ups are becoming popular in the UK, too. They're practical, safe and surprisingly luxurious; they’re so robust, yet flexible, that they're here to stay!

Though they're perfect for business or leisure use, the pick-up has been more recently used as an everyday family car.

With bags of space
and flexibility
, it's easy
to see why.

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Is a Pick-Up Truck for Me?

Although they're a little smaller on this side of the Atlantic, by UK standards the pick-up truck is one of the largest vehicles you'll see on the school run or in the supermarket car park. More powerful than most SUVs and more comfortable than most vans, the pick-up truck has it all, in bucketloads! But, at lengths of nearly 5.5m and engines of 2.2-litres upwards, if you want an easy-to-park, economical car, you'd be better looking elsewhere.

The pick-up truck is all about space… oh, and a little bit of showing off!

Four of the most serious contestants in this market are the Volkswagen Amarok, Fiat Fullback, Nissan Navara and Ford Ranger. We've pitted them against each other to find out which one of these workhorses is the best investment and which will fit seamlessly into your hardworking life.

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Which is the Most Practical Pick-up Truck?

Whether you need room for your workforce or a growing family, tools for your trade or kit for your leisure time, pick-ups come in a variety of configurations to accommodate pretty much every requirement.

Which pick-up will suit you?

VW Amarok

Given that the Amarok is only available as a double cab (4-door) model, it will comfortably seat five adults or the average-sized family. When it comes to loading space, it has a bed length of 1,555mm and width of up to 1,620mm, accounting for 2.52m2 of loading area, with a side height of 508mm.

The Volkswagen Amarok has 1,146kg max payload, and up to 3,100kg towing capacity, 400kg short compared to others.

Nissan Navara

As it comes in two configurations, King Cab and Double Cab, it has a rear bed length of either 1,788 or 1,578mm, a height of 474mm, and max width of 1,560mm.

The King Cab can seat 4 with a max payload of 1,142kg while the Double Cab sacrifices a little of its load capacity (1,034kg) for an extra passenger seat. The 4WD options have a towing weight limit of 3,500kg and the 2WD versions claim a still creditiable 3,035kg.

Fiat Fullback

The Fiat pick-up has seating for five as standard and comes in double cab only. That also means that there's only one load bed configuration - 1,520mm in length, 1,470mm in width and 475mm in height.

Max towing capacity is 3,500kg, while max payload is 1,120kg, a little less than some on our list.

Ford Ranger

Ford is the only one of the four to market its entry with three cab configurations, seating from two to five occupants. With that in mind, the payload ranges from 1,307kg for the regular cab down to 1,217kg for the double cab.

Towing capacity is 2,500kg for 2WD or 3,500kg for the 4WD model. The depth of the load box is 511mm and its width is 1,560mm, while the load box length ranges from 2,317mm to 1,560mm, depending on choice of cab. 4WD is optional on the Ranger.

Most Practical: Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is the winner of this category, for versatility on the range of cab options and payloads.

If you're looking for a tough machine to get the job done, with the longest load length, the regular cab Ford Ranger is the one for you.

Ford Ranger
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Which Pick-up Truck has the Most Luxury and Style?

There’s a lot to be said for practicality but, you shouldn’t have to compromise on little luxuries and looks just because you’ve got a job to do. We’re not talking fluffy dice here, but even the hardest workers deserve some creature comforts.

Let’s see what’s on offer:

VW Amarok

The VW pick-up has quite a street presence, perfect for an urban environment. Inside, Volkswagen has made the Amarok all about functionality and ergonomics, with lots of cabin storage space, 6.33” infotainment touchscreen and Climatronic air conditioning as standard.

Cloth seats can be upgraded with Alcantara, but the biggest treat on this German grafter are optional ergoComfort seats with 14-way adjustment and a truly premium feel. The Volkswagen Amarok Dark Label tops the range.

Nissan Navara

The looks of the Navara reflect its capabilities, and it's safe to say that this imposing Nissan pick-up is ready for every challenge when properly equipped. Inside, ergonomic seating is available for all passengers.

Infotainment comes in the form of a 5” screen in the standard Nissan Navara, while better equipped trims can have a 7” touchscreen. The NissanConnect sat nav and entertainment system offers optimal connectivity on the road - typical of the clever Japanese worker to power with tech, rather than muscle. Sadly, air conditioning is not available in base trim.

Fiat Fullback

Even though the Fullback shares mechanical underpinnings with the Mitsubishi L200, in the style department, these two are completely different. The defining feature of the Fiat pick-up is the tough-looking grille with bold horizontal chrome bars that give it a strong look.

When it comes to comfort and amenities, the Fiat Fullback offers a 6.1 or 7” touchscreen and dual-zone air conditioning in LX trim, as well as optional leather upholstery and chrome detailing which adds further flair to this Italian stallion!

Ford Ranger

Ford practically invented pick-ups and has always known how to make a no-nonsense American-style brute when it comes to design. Everything about the Ranger is masculine, being boxier in appearance, with a thick grille and menacing headlight design.

The fully loaded and blacked out Ranger Black Edition is even more impressive. Disappointingly, air conditioning is offered only as an option on the XL and only with 4WD, meaning that, in its base trim, Ford envisioned the Ford Ranger as a toolbox on wheels, rather than the luxury vehicle that many would hope for.

Most Stylish: VW Amarok

For us, it's the VW Amarok.

With more road presence than the Navara and Fullback, and beating the spartan Ranger hands down for comfort, it was an easy call.

VW Amarok
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Which Pick-up Truck has the Best Off-Road Capabilities?

Whether you intend to drive your pick-up truck off-road or not, it's good to be able to have the option.

Let's face it, with the number of potholes on today's roads, even a trip to the local DIY store can be a challenge!

VW Amarok

In the Amarok, the Volkswagen pick-up offers either selectable or permanent 4Motion four-wheel-drive, so it's a capable off-roader right from the start. A rearview camera is optional in the most basic Trendline trim and standard in the Highline variant.

To make your everyday driving easier, the Volkswagen Amarok is equipped with electronic trailer stabilisation as standard. Ground clearance is on the low side at 192mm and wading depth is 500mm, the lowest of the four.

Nissan Navara

Even in base trim, the Navara offers limited slip differential with optional rear differential lock for 4WD models, so the Nissan pick-up gains good traction, no matter which terrain you're tackling.

Unfortunately, there's no high-tech goodies, such as a rearview camera, but it does include parking sensors on better equipped models. When it comes to off-roading capabilities, ground clearance is good at 213 or 228mm, and its wading depth is 600mm.

Fiat Fullback

Fiat offers its pick-up in 4WD with 3 adjustable modes as standard. Trailer stability assist, cruise control and rear body guard frame are all parts of the standard equipment in the Fullback's base trim.

LX will upgrade your driving experience with additions like rearview camera, lane departure warning system and rain sensors. Ground clearance of the Fiat Fullback is a reasonable 200mm, while its wading depth is a creditable 600mm.

Ford Ranger

In its basic trim, the Ford pick-up comes as a 2WD, so you'll have to pay extra to get all the perks of the 4WD Ranger. The Ford Ranger has ground clearance of 223mm with wading depth of 600mm for 2WD and an amazing 800mm for 4WD models.

An optional Off-Road Pack will give you additional underside protection, and you can also opt for a locking differential, which will transform the Ranger into a very capable all-terrain machine.

Best off-road: Fiat Fullback

For a practical urban pick-up which will still perform if you wander away from the Tarmac, we pick the Fiat Fullback.

Standard 4WD, lots of off-road driver and towing assistance has to seal the deal!

Fiat Fullback
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Which Pick-up Truck is the Best Value for Money?

It might serve as a work vehicle as well as a family car, but there's no need to break the bank with your choice of pick-up truck.

Officially classed as LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles), all pick-ups with a payload of at least a tonne (1,000kg), are tax efficient when used as company cars and subject to annual road tax of £250. But how do they weigh up on other costs?

VW Amarok

The starting price of the Volkswagen Amarok is high at £24,510 ex. VAT*. It's offered only as a double cab and powered by 3.0L V6 Diesel with 163, 204 or 258 PS.

Depending on the engine power rating, choice of 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic, fuel economy ranges from 32.5 to 34.9 combined MPG**.

Nissan Navara

The Navara starts at £19,988 ex. VAT* for the manual 2WD King Cab, and the cheapest Double Cab will set you back £21,654 ex. VAT*.

When it comes to fuel consumption, it's important to know that the Nissan Navara is powered by a 2.3L DCi engine with 160 or 190 PS and its economy can be up to 46.3 combined MPG**.

Fiat Fullback

The base Fiat Fullback costs £21,995 ex. VAT* and upwards for the double cab configuration and a 2.4L 150 PS diesel engine with 4WD.

Fiat claims that the engine can return up to 40.9 combined MPG**, in its least powerful version, and 39.8 combined MPG** in 180 PS trim with manual transmission.

Ford Ranger

Ford offers the Ranger from £18,645 ex. VAT* for a base single cab 2WD XL, while the cheapest double cab will set you back £21,945 ex. VAT*.

When it comes to economy, the 2.2TDCi Duratorq (160PS) engine returns up to 43.5 combined MPG** in 2WD configuration.

Best Value for money: Nissan Navara

With the lowest starting price for a double cab option and the best MPG, the Nissan Navara pips the Ford Ranger to the post when it comes to value for money.

Nissan Navara
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Our Winner

It's a tough decision, and one we think depends a lot on your personal needs. But for us, there's two stand-out choices:

Fiat Fullback

The Fiat Fullback is well worth the investment. It's a good all-rounder, only falling a little short on the load capacity, but this is outweighed by the amount of tasty tech that comes as standard, even on the base model. You simply can't deny the Italian touch when it comes to interior styling and comfort.

Ford Ranger

However, if you're an adventurer by nature or a hard worker, the Ford Ranger is the one for you. With off-road options and huge rear capacity (in regular cab version), space and practicality are the focus. Maybe Americans are best at building pick-ups after all!

When it comes time for you to look for your next new vehicle pop in to your local Swansway dealership to discover whether a pick-up truck could offer the practicality and space that you need.

*Prices correct as at July 2018
**Standard EU Test figures for comparison purposes, may not reflect real driving results.