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Pick the Luxury SUV You Deserve

Pick the Luxury SUV You Deserve


Spoil yourself with a luxury SUV. Superior quality, excellent driver assistance features and unrivalled comfort. Pick the SUV you deserve today!

Pick the Luxury SUV you deserve

  • jaguar
    Jaguar E-Pace
  • range_rover
    Range Rover Velar
  • alfa_romeo
    Alfa Romeo Stelvio
  • DS7
    DS7 Crossback
  • audi
    Audi Q2

Superior quality, excellent driver assistance features and unrivalled comfort.

Driving an SUV doesn’t mean that you have to be rough and ready … quite the opposite in fact

Most of the luxury automotive brands have acknowledged the popularity of the SUV and introduced them into their range. Others, of course have been creating top-of-the-range SUVs for decades.

Whether it’s an established luxury SUV marque, such as Land Rover or a new kid on the block like DS Automobiles, you’ll find the same attention to detail with high quality materials, superior driver assistance and outstanding looks.

Here’s our pick of the bunch when it comes to luxury SUVs…

Range Rover Velar

Land Rover is well known for building capable SUVs with its iconic range of 4x4s. Throw in a dash more style and sophistication, and you’ll find the Range Rover Velar. As with all Range Rover models, intelligent torque distribution makes for smooth handling and superb agility, whether you’re nipping to the shops or out and about in the country.


With quilted Windsor leather front seats, complete with memory, massage, heating and cooling functions, this could be, quite possibly, the most comfortable drive you’ll ever find.


Upgrade to a premium exterior pack for even more jaw dropping good looks, including pinstripe finish, door cladding and front fog lights, and you’re good to go.

Range Rover Velar Specifications
  • Trims Available S | SE | HSE | R-Dynamic
  • Automatic Engine Options 2.0L P250 | 2.0L P300 | 2.0L D180 | 2.0L D240 | 3.0L D275 | 3.0L D300
  • Length 4,803 mm
  • Most Economical - WLTP - 42.1 mpg* (2.0L D180)
  • Width - including door mirrors - 2,145 mm
  • Top Speed 150 mph (2.0L P300)
  • Height - maximum - 1,685 mm
  • Fastest Acceleration - 0-62mph - 6.2 sec (2.0L P300)
  • Wheelbase 2,874 mm
  • Max Torque 700 Nm (3.0L D300)
  • Boot Volume- rear seats folded / unfolded - 1,731 / 673 litres
  • Max Towage 2,500 kg
  • Turning Circle 11.6 m
Discover The Range Rover Velar
Jaguar E-Pace

The E-Pace combines coupé styling with SUV practicality and the undeniably sleek looks of a Jaguar. Despite its size, Jaguar’s smallest SUV doesn’t skimp on comfort or specification and provides a responsive and agile drive using Active Driveline technology with superior traction and stability.


Distinctive headlights lead the way with intelligent Matrix LEDs which turn on, off or dim according to the surroundings.


The wraparound cockpit with leather steering wheel and high-resolution, interactive driver display provides excellent connectivity using Jaguar’s revolutionary InControl system, making you feel right at home. Subtle details such as an auto-dimming rear view mirror and a choice of three different audio systems add to the driving pleasure.

Jaguar E-Pace Specifications
  • Trims Available E-Pace | R-Dynamic
  • Engine Options 2.0L D150 FWD | 2.0L D150 AWD | 2.0L D180 AWD
  • Automatic Engine Options 2.0L D150 AWD | 2.0L D180 AWD | 2.0L D240 AWD 2.0L P200 AWD | 2.0L P250 AWD | 2.0L P300 AWD
  • Length 4,411 mm
  • Most Economical - WLTP - 42.6 mpg* (D150 FWD)
  • Width - including door mirrors - 2,088 mm
  • Top Speed 149 mph (P300)
  • Height - maximum - 1,648 mm
  • Fastest Acceleration - 0-62mph - 6.5 sec (P300)
  • Wheelbase 2,861 mm
  • Max Torque 500 Nm (D240)
  • Boot Volume- rear seats folded / unfolded - 1,234 / 577 litres
  • Max Towage 1,800 kg
  • Turning Circle 11.4 m
Discover The Jaguar E-Pace
Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Sporty looks and excellent handling are the name of the game with the super-stylish Alfa Romeo Stelvio, named after one of the most challenging roads in the world. On-demand All-Wheel Drive maximises grip on all terrains, allowing for the effortless drive you’d expect from a luxury SUV.


To make life easier, rain-sensing wipers, front and rear parking sensors and a remote powered tailgate are all standard.


Real wood inserts and 6-way adjustable full leather sports seats in a choice of colours remind you that you’re driving a prestige car, while double chrome exhausts, a choice of alloy wheels and metallic paint finishes, give onlookers something to appreciate.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Specifications
  • Trims Available Super | Nero Edizione | Speciale | Milano Edizione
  • Automatic Engine Options 2.0L Turbo Diesel 190 | 2.0L Turbo Diesel 190 AWD | 2.2L Turbo Diesel 210 AWD 2.0L Turbo Petrol 200 AWD | 2.0L Turbo Petrol 280 AWD
  • Length 4,687 mm
  • Most Economical - WLTP - 46.3 mpg* (2.0L Turbo Diesel 190)
  • Width - including door mirrors - 1,903 mm
  • Top Speed 143 mph (2.0L Turbo Petrol 280)
  • Height - maximum - 1,671 mm
  • Fastest Acceleration - 0-62mph - 5.7 sec (2.0L Turbo Petrol 280)
  • Wheelbase 2,818 mm
  • Max Torque 470 Nm (2.2L Turbo Diesel 210)
  • Boot Volume- rear seats folded / unfolded - 1,600 / 525 litres
  • Max Towage 2,300 kg
    (2.2L Turbo Diesel 190/210; 2.0L Turbo Petrol 280)
  • Turning Circle 11.7 m
Discover The Alfa Romeo Stelvio
DS7 Crossback

The DS7 Crossback is all about making driving more relaxed and enjoyable - as all good luxury SUVs should. Connected Pilot regulates speed and steering, keeping this largest of the DS SUVs in the middle of its lane.


A collection of exclusive lighting systems, including scrolling indicators, wake-up welcome lights, and town, country and motorway beams set the DS7 Crossback apart from other SUVs.


Leather steering wheel and gear knob as well as chrome or crystal controls and aluminium sports pedals (on all except Elegance trim) help to create the prestige interior you deserve while Apple Carplay and Android Auto work in conjunction with the 8-speaker sound system to provide the soundtrack to more opulent driving.

DS7 Crossback Specifications
  • Trims Available Elegance | Performance Line | Prestige | Ultra Prestige
  • Engine Options 1.2L PureTech 130 | 1.5L BlueHDi 130
  • Automatic Engine Options 1.5L BlueHDi 130 | 1.6L PureTech 180 | 1.6L PureTech 225 | 2.0L BlueHDi 180
  • Length 4,573 mm
  • Most Economical - WLTP - 55.3 mpg* (BlueHDi 130 auto)
  • Width - including door mirrors - 1.895 mm
  • Top Speed 145 mph (PureTech 225)
  • Height - maximum - 1,625 mm
  • Fastest Acceleration - 0-62mph - 8.3 sec (PureTech 225)
  • Wheelbase 2,738 mm
  • Max Torque 400 Nm (BlueHDi 180)
  • Boot Volume- rear seats folded / unfolded - 1,752 / 628 litres
  • Max Towage 1,850 kg (BlueHDi 180)
  • Turning Circle 10.5 m
Audi Q2

Proving that luxury SUVs can come in compact packages too, the Audi Q2 benefits from the prestige manufacturer’s usual quality build and attention to detail. Features such as power-operated tailgate and rear parking sensors come as standard for a laid-back style.


Get a more active feel with the privacy glass, sports seats and gear shift steering wheel paddles provided by the Sport trim which also includes gloss black interior finish and stainless steel pedals.


On all models, Progressive Steering makes for easy handling, adding stability and precision, even at high speeds. State-of-the-art safety systems, such as Pre sense Front with pedestrian recognition helps to keep you, your passengers and those around you out of harm.

Audi Q2 Specifications
  • Trims Available SE | Sport | S-line | Black Edition
  • Engine Options 1.0L TFSI 116 | 1.5L TFSI 150 | 1.6L TDI 116
  • Automatic Engine Options 1.5L TFSI 150 | 1.6L TDI 116 | 2.0L TDI 150 | 2.0L TFSI 190
  • Length 4,191 mm
  • Most Economical - WLTP - 60.1 mpg* (1.6L TDI 116)
  • Width - including door mirrors - 2,009 mm
  • Top Speed 141 mph (2.0L TFSI 190)
  • Height - maximum - 1,508 mm
  • Fastest Acceleration - 0-62mph - 6.5 sec (2.0L TFSI 190)
  • Wheelbase 2,595 mm
  • Max Torque 340 Nm (2.0L TDI 150)
  • Boot Volume- rear seats folded / unfolded - 1,050 / 405 litres
  • Max Towage 1,800 kg (2.0L TDI 150)
  • Turning Circle 11.1 m
Discover The Audi Q2