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Parents warned of ‘worrying’ game encouraging kids to lay in the road

Parents warned of ‘worrying’ game encouraging kids to lay in the road


Parents have been warned of a ‘worrying’ game that encourages children to lay in the road — in front of moving cars.

According to local publication News and Star, several reports have been made of children laying in the roads of the West Cumbria town of Whitehaven. It’s thought to be similar to the dangerous game of ‘chicken’, which sees participants run into the road front of moving cars with the objective of avoiding being hit.

Now, a councillor in the town has expressed concerns over the potentially lethal trend. Speaking to News and Star, Carl Walmsley said: “It’s really worrying to be honest, some of these children are reported to be as young as nine. Schools and parents should speak to them, I can’t stress it enough, it’s terrifying.

“We need to educate children. I know some parents will think ‘my child isn’t that stupid,’ but when they’re doing it as part of a group, there is an element of peer pressure, kids want to show off. I’ve got a 10-year-old and it makes you sick to the stomach to hear these things. If we don’t educate every single one of our kids, someone is going to end up killed.”

Sergeant David Slattery of Cumbria Police said: “We would urge parents to make children aware of the dangers of playing on the road. If anybody has concerns, be they members of the public or motorists, please contact police.”