Outstanding Review For New Ibiza

Outstanding Review For New Ibiza

By Swansway Motor Group 18-04-2017


The new SEAT Ibiza is really picking up some rave reviews so we've compiled a few to show you just how great the Ibiza really is.

It isn’t very often that a thorough revamp of a car gets such a positive response as the new SEAT Ibiza

But when the likes of Auto Express are concluding that the new model not only betters the one it replaces, but “sets the standard new superminis have to beat”, it’s got to be worth taking notice

So what’s contributed towards these rave reviews? It’s the first car to sit on a completely new VW Group platform, which, Auto Express notes, “gives the now five-door-only Ibiza a grown-up feel very much like the bigger Leon.”

The review goes on: “It’s supremely quiet, even with 1.0-litre three-cylinder engines under the bonnet, while the ride feels mature, too.”

Standard safety and connectivity tech sets new standards for cars of this size too, with goodies such as Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the menu, along with sophisticated systems such as pedestrian detection also on the options list.

Looks-wise, the reviewers reckon the new Ibiza “is one of the more stylish superminis on the market with plenty of sharp creases on the bodywork, triangular LED lights and strong quality. Rivals look dull in comparison,” it concludes.

Three one-litre engines, giving from 74 to 114bhp, and a 1.5-litre with 148bhp - all petrol, with no diesel options offered - make up the range of options available to power your new Ibiza.

Five trim levels are being offered, with SEAT’s now-familiar FR badging signifying the sportiest model, and Xcellence representing the plushest option on offer.

Space, a quality ride, style, good economy and a wide range of trim choices - it’s easy to see the new Ibiza being able to tick all the boxes if you’re looking for a supermini that genuinely leads the pack.


The new SEAT Ibiza will be arriving soon at your Swansway SEAT dealer in Crewe.  There will be special events to mark its arrival at our site at Third Avenue, Weston Road, in the near future, so keep in touch to find out when you can come down to see it and take a test drive.

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