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Our Top 5 EVs from the 2019 CV Show

Our Top 5 EVs from the 2019 CV Show


We recently headed for Birmingham and the famous CV Show in the hunt for the best new Electric Vans bursting onto the scene! Here's our official Top 5

The pressure for us all to go greener is growing, from the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations in London to the constant ocean clean up adverts on the television, we’re all being urged to do more.

Which is why we’re taking the time to look at an area of the automotive market which could see the largest upheaval with the advent of new electric vehicle (EV) technology. The commercial vehicle sector.

It’s possibly true that many of us could make the switch to electric when it comes to the domestic use of the car.

However, when it comes to the Commercial Vehicle sector are there viable electric options out there?

Well we went to the 2019 CV Show at the NEC in Birmingham recently in search of answers to that question and came back with these 5 great options!

Volkswagen ABT e-Caddy

The smallest member of the VWCV range has had the electric treatment recently following on from a new Volkswagen collaboration with ABT. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean the e-Caddy doesn’t have a lot to offer.

With a range of 136 miles per charge and a top speed of 75mph the e-Caddy can certainly get around.

This will be the first of the VWCV e-range to hit the shelves in the UK, as production is scheduled for the latter part of 2019.

You can’t really go to any building site, work car park, sporting event or birthday party without encountering a VW Caddy somewhere on your trip. So if the EV version of the popular little load-lugger proves to be as well-loved, then the VW team could be on to a winner!

Peugeot Boxer Electric L1

The Peugeot Boxer Electric was enjoying its world premiere at the CV Show this year and it’s fair to say it attracted a fair share of the attention- probably why we couldn't get a shot with the bonnet down, or someone poking it's nooks and crannies!

With a promised range of 110-140 miles and a top speed of 62mph the Boxer electric can boast more impressive stats than some of the electric van efforts from huge manufacturers like Tesla and Nissan.

So let’s get down to brass tacks, the pay load, with the L1 you can enjoy an ample 1215kg, with the floor length measuring in around the 2.5m mark and the height at around 1.6m. With stats like that it’s certainly making the leap to electric seem less vast for many a commercial vehicle driver.

Volkswagen ABT e-Transporter

Continuing their collab with ABT, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) took a shot at electrifying another one of their tried and trusted models, the Transporter.

The ABT e-Transporter will be available in 2 different configurations. The first contains a 33.7kWh battery with a range of 129 miles. Whereas if you want a bit more bang for your e-buck you could plump for the 77.6kWh version which allows for 250 miles.

Fans of the Transporter that are eagerly awaiting the arrival of its new EV guise will have to wait slightly longer than Caddy fans, as the e-Transporter isn’t due to hit the shelves until 2020 within the new T6.1 generation.

Volkswagen ABT e-Crafter

Rounding off the display from VWCV is the big one, the e-Crafter!

The e-Crafter concept has been a working model for a while now and Volkswagen even tested out the theory of turning their biggest van electric by supplying a number to busy venues around London including Gatwick and Heathrow airports with them.

Following this successful test period, the ABT e-Crafter has seen the light of day. VW will be hoping that it gets to sample a lot more daylight when it hits showrooms in 2021.



Another debutant at this year’s CV Show was the EV30. This small van is LDV’s second stab at the EV market as it joins its larger green sibling the EV80.

Boasting a maximum charge range of up to 200 miles LDV aren’t sitting on the fence when it comes to their predictions for their new creation. But then, if you’re going to take on the likes of the Renault Kangoo ZE and Nissan e-NV200, it helps to be bold!

Although the EV30 is manufactured in China, the UK will be the first export market that it comes to. So UK EV fans will be the first in-line for a glimpse at the new green machine from LDV, well, in 2020 when it arrives, maybe save the salivating for a little while.  

*Technical data subject to change by official launch