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One-minute grace period revealed for smart motorway speed cameras

One-minute grace period revealed for smart motorway speed cameras


Auto Express investigation reveals a one-minute grace period between a smart motorway’s speed changing and the camera being triggered at that speed

Smart motorway speed cameras offer a one-minute grace period between the speed limit changing and penalising drivers, it has been revealed.

A Freedom of Information (FoI) request by consumer publication Auto Express revealed the figure, meaning drivers have 60 seconds to adjust to the correct speed limit before facing points and a fine for failing to do so when passing a camera.

In a statement to Auto Express, Highways England said: “Following a change in the speed displayed by signals there is a 60-second ‘grace period’ before HADECS3 cameras start enforcement, giving time for drivers to adapt to the new mandatory speed limit, especially when speed limits are reduced due to slow-moving or queuing traffic up ahead. This gives drivers time to slow down and reduces the need for braking sharply.”

This revelation comes as the Government confirmed it would be halting the opening of any new smart motorways pending a safety review.

Smart motorways allow the hard shoulder to be used by live traffic in a bid to cut congestion. There has been growing concern over their safety, however, with a recent investigation by BBC Panorama revealing 38 people had been killed on smart motorways in the last five years.

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