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Night Vision and Cat Paw Massages - Meet the DS 7 Crossback

Night Vision and Cat Paw Massages - Meet the DS 7 Crossback


The DS 7 Crossback comes with a multitude of exciting new features. We’ve taken a look at some of the new standout aspects on DS’ latest car.

5 unusual features of the DS 7 Crossback

French car designers are known for making their cars that bit different from the mass market and the DS 7 Crossback certainly has some eye-brow raising features:

  • Front seats that give you a massage as if you're being kneaded by a happy cat's paws!
  • A camera which scans the road ahead for bumps and prepares the suspension
  • Night vision which identifies heat sources and highlights humans in yellow
  • Swivelling headlights which blink hello to you
  • A clock manufactured by luxury watchmakers BRM Chronographs

The French are well known for their wacky designs – and the new DS 7 Crossback certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Not only does it debut a unique look for premium SUVs, but it’s packed with cool tech like night vision, suspension that scans the road ahead, swivelling headlights and cat paw massages.

Here’s a closer look at the bits that caught our eye on the new DS 7.

Cat pawing seats

Ever fancied a massage from a cat? No, us neither – but if that’s your particular desire, the DS 7 can help.

As part of the car’s “Sensorial Drive” options, the driver and passenger can opt for a massage called “cat paw” which feels like a feline kneading your back. Yes, we thought it was a bit weird too.

The cabin ambience settings are called “My Cashmere” and “My Titanium” and also adjust the interior lighting intensity and colour, the tone of the music playing out of the speakers and the drive mode.

front seats of the DS 7 Crossback

DS Active Scan Suspension

To help it ride smoothly, the DS 7 Crossback has a trick bit of kit hidden in the windscreen. A camera, which has height sensors and accelerometers built in, analyses the road ahead and prepares the suspension for imperfections.

The result is an extremely comfortable ride that would make the DS 7 an ideal long-distance companion. This sort of technology is normally only seen on the likes of the Mercedes S-Class, so the fact it’s here – and actually works – is impressive.

DS 7 Crossback active scan suspension camera

Night vision

If you’re imagining driving along with massive goggles on your head like in that T-Rex scene in Jurassic Park, don’t worry, it’s much better integrated than that.

Selected via a dial on the steering wheel, the digital screen in the instrument binnacle (which is standard on all but the entry-level trim) can be switched to a heat-sensing view of the road ahead.

Cars, people, animals and other sources of heat appear bright white on the screen, but what’s most impressive is that people are highlighted in yellow, often before you’ve even noticed them yourself. There’s also a beep if it looks like you might hit them.

DS 7 Crossback nigh tvision view with people highlighted in yellow

Swivel headlights

This is one of those things you just have to trust works. The LEDs twist and turn to light the road ahead and adapt to the environment you’re in to illuminate exactly what you need to see.

There are different settings for city driving, country roads and motorways, which activate based on your speed. There’s even a different light profile when the windscreen wipers are active to improve visibility in adverse weather.

And, when you turn the car on, the LED modules spin 180 degrees to face the road, which is totally unnecessary, but looks really cool.

Orange DS7 Crossback seen front on with headlights on

BRM clock

DS Automobiles has a partnership with luxury watchmakers BRM Chronographs. There’s an analogue clock on top of the dashboard, which swivels to hide away when the car is turned off, swivelling back into place when the engine is started.

Useful for security, because if a shady observer spots a BRM clock sitting proud on the dashboard they might just be tempted to break in.

DS 7 Crossback BRM Chronograph flip round clock on front dashboard