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New Volkswagen Motability Offers

New Volkswagen Motability Offers

By Swansway Motor Group 04-06-2020


The full selection of Volkswagen cars on offer to Motability scheme customers. Choose from 100s of variants

The Volkswagen range offers something for everyone and that includes Motability customers.

From the small, but surprisingly spacious up! to the family friendly Sharan, there’s Motability Volkswagen to meet your needs and our specialists are on hand to help you find it. 

Volkswagen cars available on the Motability Scheme are:

  • Volkswagen up! : From £0
  • Volkswagen Polo: From £0
  • Volkswagen Golf: From £0
  • Volkswagen e-Golf: From £999
  • Volkswagen Golf Estate: From £299
  • Volkswagen Golf SV: From £0
  • Volkswagen Passat: From £1,699
  • Volkswagen Passat Estate: From £1,999
  • Volkswagen T-Cross: From £999
  • Volkswagen T-Roc: From £449
  • Volkswagen Tiguan: From £649
  • Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace: From £1,799
  • Volkswagen Touran: From £899
  • Volkswagen Sharan: From £1,099

The Motability Scheme offers exceptional worry-free motoring with car tax, insurance, servicing, maintenance and roadside recovery all included. With this comes real freedom; freedom to go where you like and freedom from transport worries.

Take a look at the latest Volkswagen Motability offers below.

Volkswagen up! 3 Door

The up! is a previous winner of the What Car? Car of the Year award and is a truly splendid city car. The VW build quality, nippiness around town and infotainment system have kept it at the top of the pile when it comes to city cars.

The Volkswagen Motability scheme offers 3 up! 3 door variants, all with nil deposit, in manual and automatic and including the super, funky up! Beats. The little VW up! is unbeatable for small, smart and sassy city car.

Red Volkswagen up! speeding along on right hand-side of the road

Explore VW up! 3 door Motability Offers

Volkswagen up! 5 Door

For city car practicality the 5 door up! is a hands-down winner. Somehow this small car manages to have a spacious cabin which fits two adults in the rear passenger seats in comfort.

Adding the two rear doors makes the up! much more usable for passengers, while losing nothing from its stylish interior and attractive city styling. There are 3 up! 5 door variants in the Volkswagen Motability offers all with nil advance payment.

Pale blue 5 door VW Up for sale

Explore VW up! 5 door Motability Offers

Volkswagen Polo 5 Door

The new Volkswagen Polo takes on new levels of driver assist technology with automatic emergency braking technology as standard, coupled with an advanced pedestrian recognition system. Looks, charm and drivability will get you so far, but safety is vitally important and here the Polo delivers.

Great to look at, fun to drive and bristling with kit, the new Volkswagen Polo is a little stunner and available in 10 variants, starting with nil advance payment, on the Volkswagen Motability scheme in Q1 2019.

Orange 5 door Volkswagen Polo

Explore VW Polo 5 door Motability Offers

Volkswagen Golf 3 and 5 Door

With 5 doors the Volkswagen Golf is a practical medium sized, family car; spacious and well able to take your family off on holiday, it remains small enough to park and pop around town with ease, offering the best of all worlds.

The rear cabin is spacious, fitting two large adults or three sparring children in with room to spare. Volkswagen keep on getting it right with the Golf and Motability customer can choose from a huge number of Golf variants, starting from nil advance payment.

With Volkswagen Motability offering 25 trim levels and engine combinations to choose from, starting from £0 advance payment, the Volkswagen Golf of your dreams is waiting.

Bright yellow metallic Volkswagen Golf on the move

Explore VW Golf 5 door Motability Offers

Volkswagen Golf Estate

One of the most sought after estate cars around, the Volkswagen Golf estate is a clever combination of the superb Golf hatchback and a huge load-eating boot, making it the perfect choice for a larger/older family.

Even the most basic model has air conditioning, electric windows, front and rear, DAB radio, Bluetooth and an 8 inch touchscreen. There is little this estate car can’t do and if you want a car that’ll take your from the bar to the beach, then the Volkswagen Golf estate is the one for you.

Volkswagen Motability offers 13 variants of the VW Golf Estate from £299 advance payment; definitely one of the best estate cars on the road today.

Volkswagen Golf estate speeding across the countryside

Explore VW Golf Estate Motability Offers

Volkswagen Golf SV

This is a true MPV, a diversification of the giant that is the Volkswagen Golf. With its higher roofline and wide opening doors it offers easy access for front and rear passengers; it makes the tricky things, much easier, like fitting in a baby or child’s car seat.

The moveable rear bench seat means you can choose between legroom in the rear or luggage space in the boot, dependent upon what your needs are that day. Its versatility makes it supremely practical.

Volkswagen Motability offers 9 variants of the Golf SV starting with £0 advance payment and offering a mix of engines, transmissions and trims.

Volkswagen Golf SV on conbled square with cafe society Explore VW Golf Estate Motability Offers

Volkswagen Tiguan

The classy new Volkswagen Tiguan combines its head-turning looks with lashings of room, even for the tallest of drivers. It may be classed as a small SUV but it packs the punch of a much bigger stablemates.

Cupholders and door-bins abound, meaning you and your passengers will find a place for everything. The Tiguan is a great looking car that offers space aplenty, ideal for the family on the move.

There are 14 variations available on Volkswagen Motability, starting from £649 advance payment, which will help ensure you can find the perfect match for you and your family.

two thirds profile of Volkswagen Tiguan with beautiful sky

Explore VW Tiguan Motability Offers

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

What do you get if you stretch a Volkswagen Tiguan? A VW Tiguan Allspace which offers more space, more flexibility and perhaps more more importantly, more seats!!

7 to be precise and the extra space is put to good use allowing you to slide the middle row of seats about to either create more legroom for the rear-rearseat passengers or more luggage space, whichever you need.

Now there are 4 variants available on the Motability Scheme including a 4-wheel drive version; the VW Tiguan Allspace starts from £1,799 advance payment.

Metallic blue Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace driving past you side-onExplore VW Tiguan Allspace Motability offers

Volkswagen Touran

Winner of What Car? Car of the Year Best MPV in 2018; in fact the winner for two consecutive years. The VW Touran wins fans by being an MPV that feels like a car, rather than one that feels like a van. With two extra seats popping up out of the boot floor, the Touran easily becomes a seven seater.

Simply the best smaller MPV around the Volkswagen Touran offers an exceptional ride, brilliant space and practical storage.

Volkswagen Motability offers 11 Touran variants from 1.2 litre right up to 2.0 litre, starting from £899 advance payment, with plenty of engines in between and lots of varying trim levels.

white Volkswagen Touran in fron to very modern building

Explore VW Touran Motability Offers

Volkswagen Sharan

A true seven seater the Volkswagen Sharan is one of the few larger MPVs which offer real comfort for all the passengers on board. The Sharan can fit seven adults, unlike some MPV which are really only suitable for children in the rear seats.

With sliding doors offering easy access to both sets of rear seats, the Sharan makes transporting you full crew sheer simplicity and there’s room for luggage too.

Choose from 5 variants from Volkswagen Motability with Advance Payments starting from just £1,099, you won’t find a better seven seater.

silver Volkswagen Sharan side on outside a modern house

Explore VW Sharan Motability Offers

Volkswagen T-Roc

New to the Volkswagen Motability range is the fabulous new Volkswagen T-Roc; it has a personality that packs a real punch and is the new leader of the compact SUV class.

Its bold and striking design means this car will never be a follower and yet it combines this with all the practicality of an SUV and advnaced technological features to keep you safe on the road.

Choose from 13 variants from 1 litre up to 2 litre, starting from £449 advance payment.

White Volkswagen T-Roc parked two thirds front on

Explore VW T-Roc Motability Offers

Explore all Volkswagen Motability offers or why not contact the Motability Specialist at your local Volkswagen dealership.



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