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First Look at the new Honda HR-V

First Look at the new Honda HR-V


Following the recent release of the new CR-V, Honda have broken ranks and announced the imminent arrival of the brand new HR-V design.

Since 2015 the HR-V  has proven to be extremely popular, winning many awards including world’s bestselling small SUV three times!

Now, the boffins in the Honda design rooms have a real job on their hands with this new model.

Based on a scaled up version of a supermini, the HR-V seemed to have exploited an area of the rapidly growing SUV market, the subcompact, or small SUV.

Since its premiere the HR-V has sold well over 2 million units, which are pretty hefty numbers for a small SUV. But let’s get into this new one…

New Honda HR-V 4 door hatchback car

The third generation of the HR-V features enhanced exterior styling complete with a new, more prominent 'Solid Wing Face'.

The black and chrome feature we saw introduced above the front grille on the previous model is rethought to make room for the new addition.

Continuing down the front end we also have the new larger mesh air intakes housing new fog lights and LED running lights.

New black Honda HR-V car driving along the road

Heading to the back we see that the rear lights have also had something of a rethink, new darker casings cover the LEDs. While a chrome tailgate echoes the front end re-design.

As we have become accustomed to, in Honda SUV design, these chrome details continue all-round the new model, even stretching to the exhaust which features a chrome finisher.

The new HR-V will be available in a plethora different of colour options including; Midnight Blue Beam Metallic, Milano Red, Platinum White, Crystal Black Pearlescent, Luna Silver, Modern Steel, Brilliant Sporty Blue and Ruse Black.

Blue Honda HR-V driving along the road

Moving inside, the Honda Connect app continues to play a prominent role by linking your phone to the new touchscreen and mimicking its user interface via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition to the Honda Connect advances, the new HR-V also includes ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology for the first time.

Honda tell us:

ANC is designed to reduce low-frequency noise in the interior by monitoring for such noises using two in-cabin microphones, and then cancelling them out with precisely-timed ‘reverse phase’ audio signals through the speakers. 

But the advancements don't start and end with the on-board tech, this latest HR-V will also feature Honda's Magic Seat innovation. Magic Seat has basically been a permanent fixture on the Jazz model since 2002. But now it seems the technology is being rolled out across the range.

Magic Seats allow you to have a smorgasbord of different storage options. The technology allows you to fold up the seats in the car and lock them into place. Thus giving you bags more space without the seats falling back down when you’re on the move.

Blue Honda HR-V SUV parked outside a big building

Due for release in October 2018, the new HR-V will be coming in a number of different performance options.

October will see the release of the 1.5L i-VTEC petrol variant. Then in spring 2019 the i-VTEC will be joined by its sportier sibling the 1.5L VTEC Turbo and a 1.6L i-DTEC diesel version.

So one thing is for sure, fast off the release of the new CR-V, Honda aren't resting on their laurels before hitting the market again. We can't wait to get some through our doors, stay tuned for more info!