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The New Crafter – The New Dimension Economical, Functional and Innovative Like Never Before

The New Crafter – The New Dimension Economical, Functional and Innovative Like Never Before


The new VW Crafter is economical, functional and reliable like never before. With different heights, length and engines there are 69 derivatives.

Greater payload and cargo capacity offer outstanding functionality

  • Optimised dimensions for maximum everyday practicality
  • Available with front, rear or 4MOTION all-wheel drive, with manual or automatic transmission
  • 4 base models, 3 lengths, 3 heights - total of 69 derivatives
  • Highly economical thanks to reduced fuel consumption and low maintenance and repair costs
  • Cutting edge driver assistance systems for increased safety and comfort

Optimum benefits to meet customer-specific requirements from numerous commercial vehicle sectors: the new Crafter provides customer-focussed transport solutions with extreme economy.

With extra payload, greater cargo capacity, optimised external dimensions and a formidable multitude of drive systems and derivatives, the new Crafter impresses with exemplary functionality and provides practical everyday solutions for all transport requirements.

Robust, durable and reduced-consumption commercial vehicle engines, low maintenance and repair costs and well thought-out preparations for superstructure manufacturers provide optimum benefits and key functional and economic advantages for diverse customer groups.

A newly developed and finely tuned chassis along with innovative driver assistance systems provide a whole new level of comfort for this category of van. They also facilitate impressive handling and noticeably increased safety.

The completely new design concept featuring well thought-out interior storage options not only shows the Crafter's innovations visually; but in combination with further measures that optimise the aerodynamics also produce, at 0.33, the best drag coefficient in the Crafter's vehicle class.

Economical, functional, practical, reliable and eco-friendly - plus with innovative technology on board, safer and easier to drive than ever before: those are the characteristics that make a winning case for the new Crafter.

A new plant for the Crafter

State-of-the-art production at a new plant built especially for the Crafter in Wrzesnia, Poland

A new production facility has been built in Wrzesnia, Poland, especially for the new Crafter. The facility is the brand's second production site in Poland; the other is the Volkswagen plant in Poznan-Antoninek, which has been operating for more than 20 years now. The Crafter plant covers an area of approximately 540 acres, which is equivalent to around 300 football pitches. Up to 3,000  people will work at the Wrzesnia plant when the facility is operating at full capacity. Several supply companies will also open up factories in the area, which will create additional jobs for the surrounding region.

For more information about Volkswagen Crafter range, contact your local Swansway VW Van Centre.

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